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  1. sportracer07

    crank seal question

    Ok guys i had been wondering why my 93 rm 250 was running so erratic. With some help from you guys i discovered that left crank bearing is defineatly shot. You can actually move the flywheel up and down a bit. So im going to replace the crank bearings and seals. My question is should i replace the rod bearing also, or just leave it alone for now. It has about 25 to 30 hrs run time on it since the rod bearing and piston and sleeve were replaced.
  2. sportracer07

    strange problem

    Dang i never even thought of that, maybe thats why sometimes it runs good and sometimes it don't. I never replaced those.. Thank you for the fast reply.
  3. sportracer07

    strange problem

    Ok guys i have a 93 rm 250, After i bought it i had a new sleeve installed and the powervalve replaced, and of course a new piston. The bike runs good but it has 2 issues i cant figure out. First off is it idles at prbly 3000rpm, even with the idle screw turned all the way down. Now if i turn the air mixture all the way in the idle will come down but otherwise it goes crazy, i cant find any air leaks and the reeds look good.. I bought all new jets and put it back stock and adjushe floalevel, and still have same issue. And also idk if its related but the bikruns great until you get over 3/4 throttle then it just bogs like its way to rich. Anybody have any ideas here lol