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  1. Abby Norm

    What a Jacka$$

    Classy American.
  2. Abby Norm


    Do a leak Down test, and pressure test.
  3. Abby Norm

    FAILURE sticker on new TX300

    German word 'Fehler' actually means mistake.
  4. Abby Norm

    1978 CR250 Filter

    I'm looking for a filter for the bike, I have the 'basket' but can't find what I need to cover the basket. Who can point me in the right direction??? Or is there something else I can do? Last eBay purchase cost me $8 for return postage, JackA** swore it would fit, B.S.
  5. I have a Husky in the Gargae, think it's an '78 (Vin # NM02200). A gift from a friend who can't ride anymore. Most everything looks original on the bike, it did start but Pet-cock needs help or replacing, Original tank, paint on this thing has never been touched. I'm thinking of selling the bike, but am not sure what I can sell it for, I've seen people post their original bike for as much as $5000.00 - Today I was offered $1400.00. Any input will be appreceated , I'm probably going to let my friend use it in a few races while I figure things out. Reason I'm selling, it's not street legal, getting tired of trailering or loading on truck.
  6. Abby Norm

    DRZ just drops dead

    Sounds just like what happened to me. For me it turned out that a diaphragm was/is ruined. I have fuel leaking into the oil, not sure exactly which diaphragm or where it is. The mechanic will do carb work better than I can. Look at your oil, make sure it's the property consistency and does not smell of gas.
  7. Abby Norm

    Tank Bag?

    I have a small wolfman tankbad that I use sometimes, currently I use ATV over the tankbags. Bought a set for $25.00 at the surplus sture in Utah. I use bungee cords to hold them down, best thing ever on the white rim tril, the others lost their tail luggage, my gear stayd on.
  8. Abby Norm

    DRZ dies after 5 blocks

    Fuel mix was only maybe 1/2 gal into the 5 gal tank.....and the other DRZ has the exact same fuel in it's tank. BUT......yeah a but, this flooded DRZ had problems in the past, left the petcock on and it just filled into the oil. Don't know why a mechanic didn't see what the problem was the??!! Guess we were very lucky to have done the White rim trail with no hitch.
  9. Abby Norm

    DRZ dies after 5 blocks

    Flushed fuel system, drove it around a bit, then pushed back home. Checked oil, very thin and smelling of gas. It's going to the mechanic....thanks everybody for helping.
  10. Abby Norm

    DRZ dies after 5 blocks

    Thanks hinksy, sounds like a plan. Want to see if I can fix it before I'm forced to bring out in.
  11. Abby Norm

    DRZ dies after 5 blocks

    We just rode the drz's along the white rim trail, and a few other roads in Moab, 2 weeks ago we rode the drz's into the snowline and above, brought the bikes home, emptied the gas cans into the tanks, one container had a 50:1 mix which we divided among 2 bikes and then filled the desert tanks. One of the DRZ's will not go further than 5 blocks now, starts like a charm, but then just dies while riding, forget trying to start the sucker, just drains the battery. Other DRZ has no issues. Both have seen same roads, same riders, same maintenance. The dying one is a 2007. Does someone have an idea what it could be???? Going to use gumout this weekend, or is sea foam a better choice. The desert tank is full !!! I am not comfortable rebuilding the carb, but can do in a pinch. Any help would be appreciated