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  1. You guys, can't you read??? The title says GOOD POST'S ONLY!!!
  2. Jdon684

    Swingarm install, what did I forget?

    I looked in my manual and it doesnt look like im missing anything, last night I left it as it was, and torqued my pivot bolt down to the spec in the manual and all of the play is gone, but it still looks wierd to me that the collar from the bearing us still exposed that much. Does everything look normal?
  3. Hey guys, I just redid all of my bearings linkage, Swingarm ect... and im going to install my Swingarm and it looks like I forgot a washer on each side or something. With the bolt through the frame swingarm and motor I am able to slide my swingarm side to side, there is a lot of play. If you can tell me what im missing I would appreciate it. Thanks Jordan
  4. Jdon684

    2007 YZ250 wheel lacing and spoke bends

    Your going to get pissed off if its your first time, just relax and look at which spokes go where. It really isnt as hard as most people think it is. Good luck!
  5. Jdon684

    2007 CRF 250 - what can I do?

    Clean carb, re grease all bearings, especially rear linkage and steering stem. Change the oil. Check the chain for rust.
  6. Jdon684

    YZ Aftermarket Thread

    Cheapest hour meters i could find are on ebay http://m.ebay.com/itm/281213004395?nav=SEARCH&sbk=1
  7. Jdon684

    motosport bike giveaway

    I feel like they make you fill out all that stuff so they can keep emailing the hell out of you with their deals!
  8. Jdon684

    2013 yz125 injury build

    This thing looks SICK! and It is always nice having 2 sets of wheels, I think I would buy a set of hubs!
  9. Jdon684

    2013 yz125 injury build

    No problem their customer service is great! I think I talked to a guy named Josh and he helped me out a ton! Good luck and I cant wait to see how the bike turns out.
  10. Jdon684

    2013 yz125 injury build

    Called dubya and told them the setup I had and they sent me what I needed, I'm sure they will true your wheels for you too!
  11. Such a fun race, way too hot but so much fun!
  12. Jdon684

    2013 yz125 injury build

    Honestly its really easy! Take 30 minutes and be patient and you'll be amazed how easy it is! I just did mine this weekend.
  13. Hell yeah man, I overalled 1st place last weekend at the stateline race in NY so I'm trying to self promote myself to B250 but well see what happens, but my number is 684 hopefully il see you around!
  14. First Moto at crow hill C250 got 2nd had a pretty good ride. Please put your input on anything you see wrong with my riding habbits or style! Thanks for watching!