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  1. bigdaddy9185

    warrior not firing

    I found the problem , the green wire was broke where it passes through the flywheel cover . I purchaced a new stator /pick up coil from caltrec and fixed the problem total cost to fix was 47$ for gasket and the stator
  2. bigdaddy9185

    Carrier housing bolts sizes

    I want to thank everyone who didnt try to help with bolt sizes, I found them myself they are 2 10mmX1.25X40mm and 2 12mmX1.25X40mm use respective nuts and flat washers to match bolt size. I want all to know that I joined this forum to find people who wanted to help each other and to pass any knowledge I have along to others so please if you have and answer or even a thought of where to fine information please pass it along to those in need Thanks Bigdaddy
  3. bigdaddy9185

    Yamaha Carrier housing bolts sizes

    I have a 98 warrior and the rear axle carrier bolts have been replaced with some mismatched and incorrect bolts and I am needing the correct sizes so that I can replace them without paying a ridiculous price at the parts house. have a bolt supplier at work that can get me the correct sizes I need if I can get him the sizes to bring to me and at a bargain price of a couple bucks each including washers and nuts verses the dealer price of forty five dollars
  4. bigdaddy9185

    Yamaha warrior not firing

    I have a 1998 warrior 350 and have tested the stator and pick up coil and they test good then tested the cdi and it test good but still no fire tested the coil and found it was bad replaced with fox racing coil and still no fire any help with the diagnostic would be greatly appriciated. Any in depth testing proceedures are welcome I have a multimeter and have lots of patience . note I bought this bike in this condition it has a new cdi box and a new coil now . and I have tested the ingnition swich and the emergency kill switch to make sure they are working properly and all is good .
  5. bigdaddy9185

    2003 Yamaha warrior wheel bearings

    The wheel bearings on the front will have to be driven out , first take wheel and hub off of the bike then place hub in a vice do not tighten vice just use to support hub take a medium drift punch and gently drive bearing and seal out then flip and repeat . then once removed check hub to make sure there is no abnormal wear then use vice to press bearings in one at a time gently do not rush once flush you can use a socket that rides the outer race to finish seating bearing then install new seal and repeat for all other bearings , note front bearings are sealed units and do not require any additional grease. rear carrier will require additional grease if replacing rear axle bearings