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  1. Have never heard of either one of those areas will have to go check them out sometime but they're pretty far away, about 80 miles. Went and found some logging roads to get my blendal fix. Just started a new job in Olympia, so I'm looking for a place strategically located to be as close to as many different writing areas as possible.
  2. Staying at a friends place about 15 miles west of Chehalis over the weekend, wondering if anyone knows of some good riding in the area? I hear the Capitol area is closed until next month. Any suggestions/ directions would be greatly appreciated. I ride Walker, intermediate level. Thanks in advance.. brraappp!!!!
  3. I like it, there's a limit to the "being prepared" issue I totally crossed and now have everything but the kitchen sink, but that's coming as soon as I have time to design the removable inserts. Wish I had just freaking stopped at minimal, and then just add when going longer, dragging around several hundred extra pounds just doing Walker Valley. Problem is when I drop the ramp I always get hit on to loan tire gauge, compressor, or plug socket. I don't mind helping out but sometimes it feels like I'm the freaking Snap On truck, but for free..lol Truth is it does feel good to help someone get their bike started, but now it's a little tough on cruise control at 80. Is that just white paint on plywood? Looks good.
  4. Was nice chatting with you today. The donation just now is for Saturday. Decided to head back early Sunday to avoid dragging that trailer through the pass during the Sunday evening Cle Elum to Itchy Squaw road rage hour.
  5. Please forgive me, I did not intend to destroy your equilibrium. Unfortunately I never said WA doesnt allow 2 smokes, I was referring to CA, who apparently DOES have certain motors excluded. Whatever the actual name is for the WA department, try a google search with "WA DMV", it works, but then, it might help if you actually live in the state. The actual process I described is EXACTLY what I did twice, once for a '99 WR400, and once for a '01 WR250. I did however imply the state patrol was involved initially by saying BEFORE going there to do other things, and then did not even list going there at all in the process, repeat, I did NOT use in describing the actual process, they are involved in other licensing processes, like that is when getting a car temp title to start a two year wait fir a permanent title. For that I beg forgiveness, it was around 2AM, I had spent the last eight hours working on getting ready for the charity ride next weekend, and I was just a little bit tired. You may now scoop up those pulled hairs to glue back, then stand up and get those knockers in straightened out as well. I suppose it's only in America where government office names become known for slangs that are not the actual to the letter correct words, and apparently that fact drives other to the point of insanity. Must be tough when so many others are so very obtuse.
  6. I've done two WR's, and am about to do my TE250i. Before you go to the highway patrol you take the bike to and licensed dealer for a $50 inspection. It's best to take it to a dealer that sells those bikes. The have a 25 or 30 point inspection sheet, they make sure you have DOT tires, a working horn, dual headlight, and all the blinkers and brakes lights work. You don't need a hydraulic switch on your front brake, but I suggest it as street is 80% front brake, and it doesn't take long to forget to hit the back brake just for the car behind you. Then you can take it to the DMV and get a plate. You then have to pay for both a ORV and street tabs every year. If they don't allow tabs on 2 strokes anymore then a dealer probably won't certify it down there.
  7. Was thinking of building shelves and having a swinging door to cover like that. Is that a folding table or bed? I just throw a moving blanket and plug in a self powered air mattress that is stowed in one of the cubes. Took a Ikea shelf unit, added a few doors, left a few walls out, got some drawer inserts, and installed RV type latches on everything. Have built in work table. Took some 1/4" acrylic and made dividers for some of the drawers then hot glued in place. Works great for smaller parts. Took a cheap home depot 3 cube shelf and mounted vertical, then used clear acrylic to make doors. Got the acrylic sheets free from Tap plastic, they have a bin with pieces left over for free. Was going to go full diamond plate aluminum, but just the raw materials would cost $15,000, and then I'd need a brake and TIG. Spent the money on a new Husky instead, besides, I just get the dang trailer dirty anyway.
  8. I'm not even going to pretend to know what is going on at the state level. Got all caught up in federal elections. Need to become involved in state level issues that have an impact on life. What is the refund from, did they already blow through NOVA money equally allocated for the other purposes they are now taking more ? What are the other sections? I'm assuming hiking fishing and hunting?
  9. Thanks. It's around the 6th or 7th evolution floor plan. Soon as it's a little warmer I'm tearing the walls out. Going to get rid of the 3/4" plywood and polyurethane insulation, and replace with better non-flammable insulation, cross beam structural support bars that will also offer more cabinet mounting options, and cover with a waterproof PVC. That will drop 450# off weight. Have a Harman kardon AVR feeding Bose powered surround sound but going to build it into a front cabinet and install 2nd battery bank. That way will have the spot open for the folding TV mount. Designed a charger/converter w/auto transfer switch control system with three inverters that auto stage based on load. Right now can run the stereo and AC for 2 hours before going to generator, but will triplethat with more efficient system. The biggest problem is when it's nice out I don't waste a good ride day, so it's taken five years just to get this far. Not finished with the tongue box yet either, have everything just stuffed in it with a control heater lights and power hitch.
  10. Perfect timing. Extended weather report says 45° and partly cloudy. Taking a 18' trailer with room for at least two more bikes, planning on leaving Lynnwood Friday morning if anyone wants to catch a lift.
  11. I didn't send mine back yet. The cam bolt that from the stock hand guards fit, it was the ones included as spares that were slightly larger. I just used the locknut from the spare parts with the original cam bolt. It not perfect, but the rubber lever protector hides the bolt and nut sticking out of the bottom of the perch. Only have 1 hour on it, and am going through severe withdrawals, so probably going to hitch up the trailer and head out over the hills, there's gotta be somewhere it won't be raining in this freaking state tomorrow. I picked up one of the YZ250's that Jeff Slavin set up for the Yamaha factory riders. It has his signature engraved on both sides of the head, the Slavin aftermarket shock, hammerhead pedals with crimped lanyards, Boyesen reeds, AVR levers, everything that could possibly be upgraded was. Don't remember who raced it, talked to the guy who got it from them, it sat in his garage for 10 years, then did a full service and he sold it to a kid after moving out here, and I bought it from the kid two weeks later, guess the kid was supposed to buy a car to get a job, I got awesome deal because the kid needed cash fast or he was getting tossed out. I run 123 octane gas from the pump at Pacific Raceway pit and Blenzall bean oil, and that fucker breathes fire. Even with the #400 G2 cam to mellow out throttle it has a bottom hit that demands respect. I digress... will probably send my lever back after I get my "fix".
  12. Got the wrong link from Kuba first time, got the wrong lever from Midwest mountain engineering, and Graham Jarvis cleaned out Jeff's entire stock of SXS slide plates,(30), one day before I called, so had to wait a week, then started calling down the list he sent of his dealers, and had to pay full retail plus shipping for it. Then had to pull the plate off when the right link came in, but that's OK it's so much fun just wrenching on it. The Cycra wraps finall arrived, and I was pissed, the ones on my YZ are a lot bigger. So I held checked to confirm, then spent a week badgering Cycra until someone finally called me just to shut me up. I respectfully poured out my indignation, as the new style does not cover your whole hand, The came clean and admitted they shrunk the shields, but swore it was due to feedback, and not to save the nickles worth of plastic as I claimed. and they offered me 50% off on the ones that are the bigger style. So I got a extra set of bars, shields, and protectors for $27 And I looked at the "bigger" shields and thought it didn't look right, then held them up to compare. Yeah, they are making all shields smaller, and the engineer probably just shook his head after the way I went on about the difference in size. Had to get some risers as the inner bar clamp wouldn't fit , and added a carbon and Kevlar pipe guard, and shes looking a little better. We havent had a break in the rain since the new handguards went on, but she's sure a pretty lady. The Tubliss set arrives Wednesday, and the Slacker V2 is due by then also. It's about time to get freaking dirty....
  13. OK, I'm jealous. Sounds like a whole lotta fun. I'm gonnna try to forget about the southern latitudes temp and clear skies now, heading up to Walker in an hour, hoiping for gloom without a liquid sunshine ride..
  14. My friends dad had a trailer out there. His dad was killed when a mechanic installed the wrong fuel pump in his private plane a couple years earlier. We went down to clear it out. It was tough for my buddy for the first couple days, I'd "get lost" when the memories started taking over. His dad had two Malcolm Smith huskies he got from Malcolm Smith, (Smith was one of his dad's insureds) and the dune buggy. I was able to get one of the bikes and the dune buggy running so when it was time to give him space I'd just fire something up and go hauling ass around. Didn't really talk to anyone else except to get more fish tacos, find gas, or get more beer. We entered mexico just driving the 4x4, when we came back up we were towing the dune buggy, with both bikes laying in the back seat forks up, boxes full of stuff crammed in everywhere, and no titles for anything. They didn't even search us, just waved us through. We were early 20's. That would never happen today.
  15. Yeah, cloudy and 51° Saturday, then sunny and 53° Sunday. The SXS plate arrived today, gonna put stock link back n and toss plate on, should get there by 10 or 11.