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  1. Savage882

    Fcr 39 tips

    Have a muzzy full exhaust with an Athena 440. Potential cams don't know yet haven't gotten in to look at the valves yet until the next oil change. Didn't find a search match for this set up on an fcr. Running an edelbrock that came with the bike and I'm not digging it too much anymore. Any insight for jetting? Elevation 900ft. Thinking about getting the kit from TT unless someone has a good deal on one, little on the expensive side even if I can afford it. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. Savage882

    The edlebrock

    So I know a lot of you have said the carb is junk but I'm looking for any info I can on it. 05 sm Athena bb not sure on size 5k mi in atlanta. Bike ran fine had a spudder occasionally but nothing bad. Rode it this morning and it dropped out in 3rd a few times and then just went out wide open in 5th. Thought I needed gas still can't get it to go plenty of juice so not the battery. I'm guessing it's just gunked up and I'll have to pull it any feed back whatsoever would be appreciated thanks guys. Got a mechanic who can look at it but the more info I have the better
  3. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    I'm looking for a commuter for long haul rides I don't mind the seat that much plus I'll be getting a new one and a big tank. What's wrong with the drz other than its overpriced? The wr seems pretty solid I just know much less about them. I'll be going on 100+ mi rides but like I said I can deal with the seat until I get a new one. I've always ridden a naked bike so winds not a big deal either
  4. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    http://atlanta.craigslist.org/sat/mcy/3905720555.html http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/mcy/3906043699.html Just found these two as well. The 250 could be a quick steal but I don't know any mechanics behind them. The 450 I can imagine being a beast so let me know what you think. thanks
  5. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    Also alot of guys I work with go on rides and camp every couple of weeks so I know i can set something up for the drz to grunt through most of it. big tank, fuel and luggage rack I'm not sure about the wr just now starting to look at them so any insight? I feel I would end up bogging it down to much real quick
  6. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/mcy/3906891465.html drz http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/mcy/3888026195.html wr How much would you pay? Is the wr still pretty capable of commuting? As in highway? These are the only 2 options in my area as of right now That's a pretty sweet ride wish i had snow like that around here sometimes
  7. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    Thanks for the responses everyone. How do you guys feel about the wr250 or klx for the same type of riding?
  8. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    Guy didn't even give me a day to go get it before he sold it. Knew it would happen
  9. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/3895329975.html Finally got a good one for the right price i think. Says everything was done by a mechanic seems like a real nice guy on the phone. Doesn't know much about it i think he's only but 1500 in 3 years. Let me know what you guys think asap thinking of pulling the trigger on it before someone sees it.
  10. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    2-3k. I'm pretty sold with the 400sm or something similar in weight and power as their usually pretty street able and I can slap some dirt wheels on them and go all day in the trails. The klr and other big adventure bikes are nice but too big for what I want. I'll be city romping alot and they aren't nimble enough to me
  11. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    I'm in downtown atlanta. Most of what I've seen are rough deals so far. There's quiet a few but most are a pretty bad deal
  12. Savage882

    What dual sport should I buy

    Cool guys thanks for the responses. I still think it's down to the drz. I've looked at the classifieds on here but notice luck. If anyone knows of one in ga I'm completely willing to drive to get it
  13. Hey guys I've been lurking here for awhile and I've finally decided to start hunting for my next set of wheels. I've always rode street, little bit of dirt when I was a kid but that's it so fairly noob about what I should get despite my research. I'm really leaning towards the drz just for sheer simplicity. I live in the city so 80 street 20 dirt. I'm open to any options here but lets keep it around 2-3k if we can. Lowest maintenance possible with longest life which from what I've seen is still the drz.. Not looking to convert a 2 stroke as I'll fry it in no time. The aftermarket is a big factor as well for the drz and the huge following here, that upgrade bug is vicious sometimes. Let me know what you guys think sorry if it's a little vague, mostly at a loss because selection isn't the best in my area. Would like to at least narrow it down to my best options. Thanks Alex