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  1. RM648

    Suzuki whats there reputation?

    2011 rmz 450 here, and a lifwlo g owner of various mx zuk's. I absolutely love the balancing and cornering traits of the bike. That said, I have had clutch issues (hinson fixed that), somewhat of a harsh shift feel (but it never comes out of gear), and the motor grenaded after about 70 hours (well maintained hours)
  2. RM648

    2014 450 starting

    14 250sx of mine is 1 kick everytime. 2011 rm 450 is usually 2 or 3
  3. Worst crash for for is all due to stupidity. Me and a buddy had just finished a round of golf and were headed back into town. My 450 was only a week or two old at this point and I had it in the box of my pickup. My buddy mike wanted to see what the bike was about so we stopped in at a local sand pit on the way into town. because I fifured it would just be a casual tour around the pit I just quick slapped on boots and put on my helmet, but I didn't fasten it (right there I went wrong). Once I got on the bike, any thoughts of a casual lap went right out the window and I wrang the bikes neck and started blasting a couple small berms. Coming across the pit in 3rd or so I stood it up and wheelied across the pit. I don't truely remember but I think when I put the front end down I ceossed the bars in a rut and I got thrown. The helmet must have flew off when I hit the ground and the bike probably hit at some point too. But I got knocked the &%$#@! out and woke up with mike dragging me to the truck. I really rang myself, most severe concussion I've ever had, couldn't walk or see straight for a few days and had to be constantly monitored for the first 2. Would have been fine if the helmet was done up. There is no such thing as a quick burn, always gear up properly.
  4. RM648

    Engine fitment from 09 to 2011?

    I've been looking for a complete motor for my 2011 rmz 450, and finally found a possible one. Problem is it is a 2009, will it plug right into my bike and run? Would I need a re-map, or any other type of work?
  5. RM648

    KTM Snapping

    that actually stems more from my dislike of yamaha sleds lol. I really have no good reason I just dont like them haha
  6. RM648

    KTM Snapping

    Like it or not guys, ktm is clearly doing something right. The sales figures don't lie. I don't feel that any brand builds a better bike, there is just brand loyalty. For example, I will never ride a yamaha, ever. Ktm is absolutely killing it with the 2 strokes. I really would like to see the japs get some big smokers back on the product line. When that happens, my garage would get a lot more yellow again. And I really don't buy into the frame snappage, it's on the same level as when JS left yamaha and everyone thought the bike was junk
  7. RM648

    Help my yz wont run

    If bottom/top end is fresh the problem should be fairly simple. I would start with carb tuning. What does your plug look like after you get it running? Jetting would be the first thing I would guess, a fresh rebuild can absolutely change things. Also the reed valve should be checked as well. I would bet my money on one of those two things. If not it may be a spark/timing issue.
  8. RM648

    RV2 could miss MXoN

    If not RV, I would love to see Barcia in his place!
  9. RM648

    Why does anyone ride a 4 stroke

    Well I took better care of my 450 than most other people would do, and the engine as a whole ended up being a write off after about 60 hours. Everyone has different experiences it seems. But from my experience, a 4 stroke has $1500 MORE worth of parts in a top end than a 2 stroke. Head = $600; cams = $500; and valves = $500. I make a pretty good living for my job, but as a recreational, unsponsered rider, a 2 stroke makes way too much sense to ever risk cash like that when all I want to do is have fun.
  10. I just bought a 2014 ktm 250 sx a little over a week ago. Buy one dude, seriously sweet bike
  11. RM648

    Why does anyone ride a 4 stroke

    2011 rm-z 450. Roughly 50 to 60 hours. Meticulous maintenence, changed oil every 4 or 5 hours same as filters. Dropped a valve, took out cams, every valve component, head is damaged beyond repair, piston came out practically in 2 pieces, connecting rod blew apart at the wrist pin, crank seized. I love the power of a 450, but now I have a new 2014 ktm 250 sx in my stable. I would much rather spend 200 bucks on a few top ends a year, than even think of ever buying another 4 stroke.
  12. RM648

    2002 rm 250 clutch plate order

    Start and end with steel plates
  13. RM648

    Cratered Engine

    Does anyone know where I could buy a full crate motor from?
  14. RM648

    Cratered Engine

    So i dropped a valve on my 2011 RM-Z 450. The carnage is about as bad as it gets. The head is beat up so badly it can't be machined. What year heads will fit my 2011? I'm looking on ebay and there are 08,09, and 2012 heads available, does anyone know for sure if they will fit?