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  1. But im concerned as this bike was never titled in California. and to make it worse the VT registration is long expired. It should not be in The cali DMV at all. (this could hurt or help) I only want a plated bike. If its not plate-able here i will either demand my money back from the guy i bought it from or sell it off for what i have in it.
  2. I have also read conflicting info pertaining to the 8th digit of the vin. Regarding if its a c or 3 there is no way to plate it here in california. 01 KTM 520e/xc i just got surely enough has a 3 for the 8th digit. Is it correct there is no way for me to transfer it to me with a cali plate or they going to try and stick me with a green or worse even red sticker?
  3. So I picked up a 01 ktm 520 exc, for cheap. it was plated and registered back in VT back in 2006 was the last registration renewal. With a documented 7480 miles on the VT title. Is it possible to now get this bike retitled and legally plated here. my initial search showed all ktm exc's were 50 state bikes, but now that I paid and picked up the bike it looks that only applies to bikes 07 and newer. I have read if the bike has over 7500 miles it can be transferred I have also read it cant be if it does not have an emission sticker (I could not locate one with a quick look) only see vin# in frame neck If I use a DMV service for VIN verification and registration am I more likely to slip through the cracks and get it done? But will I risk the plate being revoked? Worse case I can clean up the bike, and re sell it with hopes of making at least a little money but would be happy to keep it if I can get it tagged. I'm sure its a great bike but all my friends have dual sports and ride often in places that require a license plate. All my google searches produced mixed results from back in 04 when laws changed so its hazy on what is correct. Thank you for your help and any advice.