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  1. Hi I am looking for 1 of these helmets in size Large. Message me if you have one that you would like to sell. Or text Adam at 763-567-9122
  2. red_rider5

    Toy dirt bike

    Ok thanks for the advice. I just figured that Ryan Villopoto models would still be available since it's only been a few years since his retirement.
  3. red_rider5

    Toy dirt bike

    Does anyone know where I could buy some old stock model semis and 1:12 scale dirt bikes that have been discontinued? The ones I am really looking for are: Pro circuit monster energy Kawasaki semi. Team Honda semi. Team Red bull Honda semi. Ryan villopoto models. Thank you
  4. I have a 2014 ktm 450 sxf. Where can you buy sealing washers for oil drain bolt and radiator drain bolt? I hate to have to spend a buck each at the dealer. Thank you.
  5. red_rider5

    Anitiseize ?

    Correct me if i am wrong. I have always been told to use antiseize on virtually everything you dissasembly regularly on a motocross bike. I mostly take off the plastics and seat at cleaning and reassemble using antiseize. Will this affect torque? Is it better to no use antiseize and just clean the bolts? Thank you
  6. red_rider5

    Crf450 tranny

    I'm almost contemplating selling this bike since I'm worried there is damage to tranny due to this issue. I almost enjoy riding my 07 crf more.
  7. red_rider5

    CRF450 chain adjustment

    I have a 07 and 11 crf450. Is the proper way to tighten chain to have to bike on the stand and tighten chain to specs? Thank you so much.
  8. red_rider5

    Crf450 tranny

    Alright I'm on my second crf450. Just bought a new old stock 2011 crf450r. I'm up to about 6.5 hours on the bike. I feel like its kinda tough to shift gears, like a little sticky. About 2/3 times I didn't get a clean shift and it popped out of gear or hit neutral. I run pro honda gn4 10/40 in both the engine and tranny and fill the cases to the manufacturers specs in the service manual. I never had a problem with my 07 crf450. Any thoughts? Thank you
  9. red_rider5


    A dealer installed them when i bought the bike. I admit they didnt do the greatest job. The only pieces that didnt look good are the number plates, which is ok since im getting decal works preprinted backgrounds, the rear fender and fork tubes. Im just looking for possible do it yourself fixes. Thank you.
  10. red_rider5


    Anyone have a tricks to make graphics stay down on my CRF. Everytime the rear fender graphics get hot from being outside all day they start bubbling up. Mostly on the rear fender. I already used a heat gun to mold them the first time i noticed it. When the bike sits in the garage they stay perfect. Also the graphics are red and black on the rear fender. I attached a pic of the graphics. Thank you
  11. red_rider5

    works connection hour\tach

    that would be great thank you
  12. red_rider5

    works connection hour\tach

    I just installed this on a 2011 crf450r. The hour part seems to be right on, but the tach seems very inaccurate at higher rmp. And the max rmp is way off. Has anyone else had this? Thank you
  13. red_rider5

    Crf450 weep hole

    Alright, thanks for the input. I was just curious. Now I have peace of mind.
  14. red_rider5

    Crf450 weep hole

    I have a 2011 crf450 with approximately 2 hrs on the machine. When I shut the bike off after a ride. A tiny amount a coolant weeps through the coolant check hole, not even enough to drip to the ground. The manual says this is normal. But is there a way to stop it completely. Maybe a high pressure radiator cap? Thank you
  15. red_rider5

    Twin air backfire filter

    Is a remap neccessary for the Twin Air Powerflow kit? Also, is a remap neccessary if I just go with a twin air filter on the stock cage? The bike is bone stock.