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    Should I buy this WR or should I wait?

    Here is a copy to the link. What do you guys think. http://cleveland.craigslist.org/mcy/3837922488.html
  2. Hey guys, I have currently been in the market for my first motorcycle. I have narrowed it down to a WR250F and have been looking through the adds on Craigslist. I have located a few good looking bikes and have seen many older model WR's with many miles on them. I don't have a money limit per say but would like to keep it under $4,000 if I could. I found this bike, which is listed to have 5 total hours on it. It's a 2009 WR250F that looks to be in new condition. Not even a scratch. Spoke with the subject about the bike and he said he purchased it for his Father who was hurt during an incident not related to the bike and could not ride it. The seller says he has the maintenance receipts for the first service along with a stand and new battery. The seller is firm at $4,400. I am wondering if a practically new 2009 WR is worth $4,400 (one way drive being 3 hours) or should I keep looking? What would you do?