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  1. 93dr650s

    oil coming out inspection hole bottom of cases

    I never been in the cases of a 2 stroke, but could the crank seals leak toward the bottom center. The way I'm picturing it is the crank seal would leak toward the stator explaining the little bit of oil in that area. Just trying to figure out if I'm good to run it like it is. Thanks for the input.
  2. 93dr650s

    oil coming out inspection hole bottom of cases

    Update I replaced the right crankcase gasket and stopped the tranny oil leak. That was the big one. I still have what looks like pre-mix coming out the inspection hole. If I'm not mistaken the inspection hole is a void and lets you know when a seal, o-ring or gaskets fails. Is that a good presumption? I took the stator cover off and found a small amount of dirty oil on the bottom of it. Note: The motor runs strong and balanced thru-out the revs and idles alittle up and down. I need to make sure the sign of pre-mix coming out isn't allowing a lean condition.
  3. Would the clutch arm seal leaking cause oil to come out of the inspection hole on bottom of crankcases? It's a 1997 Honda CR250
  4. 93dr650s

    stock sprocket sizes

    Does anybody have the stock sprocket sizes( front/ rear) for a 93 dr650s? Thanks, noob here.