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    Suspension Problem

    I hope someone can answer my question on this... I have a new to me 2008 DRZ 400 SM with about 7000 miles on it. This past weekend I was out riding in the twisties and lowsided my bike. I am ok, had all my gear on and I only had to straighten my front end out afterwards . My question comes from what happened when I crashed... I felt the front wheel "slipping" (loosing traction, gaining it back for a second, lost traction one more time then the bike lowsided). I am a 5'3" 125 lb female... I was on a KLX 250 before this and had no problem taking these kinds of turns with this same kind of speed/tecnique etc. SOOOO... could this be suspension related? The guy I bought it from was about 6'1" and probably 190lbs. Any help is appreciated!!! Thanks!