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  1. bedge5527

    Crack the case.

    Thanks for the help. By chance do you have a link to a free service Manual?
  2. bedge5527

    Crack the case.

    Does anyone have a video or detailed info on how to crack the case on a 2006 crf450r. What special tools are needed if any?
  3. bedge5527

    Kyb psf front fork

    Did you need a fork seal driver? If so was it a 48mm?
  4. bedge5527

    Kyb psf front fork

    I am getting ready to rebuild my front forks on my 2013 kx450, I have a 49mm wrench for the forks but I noticed that it is calling for a 21mm top plug wrench. Pt 57001-1787. I looked it up and it's over $170 for this tool. What makes this so special and is there a cheaper option or a cheaper place to buy the top plug wrench? Thanks
  5. bedge5527


    I like my kx450. I did notice it doesn't like to turn especially on a flat turn. I invested in a new spring in the rear and a linkage arm. It gets down a little better know. I have a friend that just came off of a kx and went to a rmz, he said it is the easiest bike to get used to but misses the power of the kx
  6. bedge5527

    CRF450R Valve shim calculator

    Look up on crfonly.com. I just google crfonly shim calculator and it comes up
  7. bedge5527

    $500 to spend on my 2012 KX

    Put your money into you suspension. I went with a heavier rear spring. Also put a rear linkage on. You can find a rear linkage at mrcycles.com it has the same length as PC but a third the price. Also you might want to look into a 110 rear if you don't have one now. http://www.mrcycles.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b969cf8700223e479a753/rear-suspension From the money I've put into my bike. I've had the best results from my suspension upgrades.
  8. bedge5527

    I switched to KX450, a few questions

    Spring rate- what I have found with the front is play with the psi and find what you like - I am 220 and I ride 37-38 For the rear I switched mine out to a heavier one and it made a huge difference. I had an acerbic rear slider and it broke, then I got a primary drive and I am not crazy about it. I wish I would have just gotten the TM first off.
  9. bedge5527

    15 having Ignition Issues

    Have you tried looking at the fuel pump? Whatever it is the dealer should take care of it, especially if it's happened since day 1
  10. bedge5527

    Linkage arm

    Rbernard35- I found it most helpful in cornering. Instead of the bike wanting to stand up in the corner. The bike now gets down and stays in. I have no regrets getting it. The linkage arm and the rear spring has been the best purchases I have made for the bike.
  11. bedge5527

    Linkage arm

    I appreciate the comments. I went ahead with the PC arm about a week ago. I didn't know Kawi made one. I wish I did. I did change my spring rate last year but I still struggled with the bike wanting to stand up in the corners. I do like the PC arm it defiantly adds to the handling of the bike. I wish I knew about the $70 one.
  12. bedge5527

    Linkage Rocker

    I have not used the rocker before but I just put the PC linkage on my 2013 and love it. The bike doesn't want to stand up in the corners any more. I found it on eBay for 190. Great investment if you ask me
  13. bedge5527

    Linkage arm

    Has any put a linkage arm on your kx. I am looking at the PC linkage arm for my 2013 kx450f. Just wondering if it is worth the investment. I am trying to get my bike dialed in. Love the bike but I wish the handling was a little better in the corners.
  14. bedge5527

    Help with "race sag" and "static sag"

    Go to race tech.com. The best purchase I made for my bike was the rear spring.
  15. bedge5527

    Will I have to "remap" my fuel injection?

    I just put a full yoshi on my 2013 450, I didn't have to remap it. It really smoothed out the power and mid and high, gave it noticeable torque.