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  1. Targit

    XR400 Swing arm bushes

    hi, found a local wrecker with one for $10, bargain
  2. Targit

    XR400 Swing arm bushes

    Hi XR400 noob here just discovered the joy of removing the swing arm bolt ( so I can get at the part of the frame I need to weld to repair the side stand), Crazyfast do you still have those engine bushings? I had to saw through one of mine to get the seized in solid bolt out. I have been searching for hours now and this is the only time I found anyone with some. Cheers , Brett.
  3. Targit

    XR400 Swingarm question

    Hi, I just joined the bash it, drill it, cut it club and finally removed the swing arm bolt in several pieces. bushes all seized on except one of the engine bushes, I had to saw through the other one. Now I too have found that Honda don't sell the engine bushes as a spare part. anyone managed to find a source for them? Cheers, Brett.