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  1. california

    Was a solid morning ride with Jim and Matt, no messing, just pumped out miles at a good pace and swapped around bikes a few times. The Aer fork is a game changer, I felt instantly at home on the tx300, 250xc and the 350xcf. All these 17+ cross country bikes are excellent at what they do. Good times
  2. california

    Nice! 8:00 In the usual spot sound good?
  3. Anybody want to go for a rip around MC on Sunday? Hopefully knock out around 50-60miles
  4. How much riding is there at that spot?
  5. Good ride today with some great guys at MC. Conditions were primo. Big river crossings, some snow, rocks and chocolate mud trails. Doesn't get much better
  6. I have the fox sports go app but it hasn't got FS2. what a joke
  7. Cool...I'll be in the Land Cruiser with a Husky. See you guys then. Looking forward to this
  8. Ok, fair call, 9:30 it is. Lower Deer Valley at the little turn out?
  9. Any chance of meeting at 9 instead of 10?
  10. MC is my preference. Happy to ride 50 Miles. Haha, Yep been off the bike for a bit. Had a gruesome SSS ride about a while ago and it ran great.
  11. Anybody Riding MC, Cow or IV on Saturday?
  12. this thread will survive a nuclear explosion along with cockroaches
  13. And what a purty bike it is. Tons of useable low end power and awesome brakes for when you need to pull up in a hurry. I think it's the perfect bike for Jim. Makes light work of hills. Stock suspension felt good to me.