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    Love to Dirt bike wether its trails or track. I also mountain bike DH race and in the winter i have my sled and its all about the mountains.
  1. Kawi77

    '13 450 front brake issues?

    I found that the brake were always a little weak but always looked and they had stuff in em. didn't seem like the brake did well dirty. I got a disc guard from acerbic and it worked awesome I noticed a big difference.
  2. Kawi77

    MX Tracks and Trails Near Edmonton

    sounds good to me man, Im on the bike almost every weekend so lots of riding. If ya need help finding a bike aswell give me a shout i know my stuff, not calling myself a pro but i can help you find a bike in the edm area
  3. Kawi77

    making 2013 kx450f street legal, need help

    Ha thats funny. Hope ya dont get a dick cop
  4. Kawi77

    After 10 minute run, bike won't re-start

    Did ya do a compression test? Sounds like a bad ring
  5. Kawi77

    making 2013 kx450f street legal, need help

    If you are after 94 dps then the stock exhuast will need a change. Due to the fact its a kawi they are ridiculously loud. 100 dps stock. Fmf maked an exhaust with and insert to make your 94 needs.
  6. Kawi77

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    Yeh they do but within the hour of picking it up they were off. Not a fan at all lol
  7. Kawi77

    Canadian Riders - comment if you are canadian

    New to the site but im from EDM alberta and looking for someriding buddies! Track or trail doesnt matter to me. I ride a 2013 kawi 450
  8. Kawi77

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    New to the site but heres my girl.. 2013 KX450F, had it for about a month now and this bikes is amazing!
  9. Kawi77

    MX Tracks and Trails Near Edmonton

    Hey bud, new to the site but not new to alberta. been riding here since i was 12. Just bought a new bike this year and actually looking for people to ride with. i know lots of area around the city ( im in edmonton) and i know alot about the tracks around it aswell. give me a shout and maybe we can hook up for a ride, even this weekend. propally going to a track called BUMP. laid back 40 achres and lots of trails too. there is 4 tracks there all different levels of experience.