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    Brand new motorcycle

    Hello guys! I bought yesterday , my new first bike . I know most of you riding on serious brands , but i decided to buy a cheap chines dirt bike. Baja dr 150cc brand new . I have 2 problems : 1. The bike doesn't have shift lever and rear brake pedal piece . I think i can handle it with out the rear brake for a while , but the shift lever is a problem , do i have to buy the exact baja shift lever to install it? or i can arrange some thing from different brands? 2. Is a brand new bike , so i know i should replace the shipping oil inside , put some 10 w 30 oil , but what next? Just put gas , open full choke for 5-10 min , close choke and let it drive on low rpm for 600miles because of the break in ? If so , which rpm should i run this bike or which speed ? Sorry i'm new on those stuff. Thanks a lot!