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  1. Hey, you gotta start somewhere! I appreciate your effort to reach out to those just starting. We all should be so thoughtful.
  2. You might find it works top use an impact driver. Its my go to tool for fasteners while in the shop. In the field is a different story. The sharp impact breaks just about everything loose. If not pay attention to whats happening at the bit and adjust the angle by touching against a bench grinder. Support ISO standards so your kids don't suffer the same fate!. Most of the cheap Asian products are suspect as they don't adhere to common standards. I keep a partitioned drawer full of common fasteners so I can replace any suspect parts before I have a failure in the field.
  3. Look at the Posse Bike Shoe by Pit Posse Motorsports. The stand mounts to the bed of a truck or trailer, locks the front wheel into the stand with an over-center throw latch that contacts the wheel above the centerline. The over-center latch replaces the strap use on other brands of chocks. To stabilize the rear of the bike I run a single compression strap over my wheel rim and then out to the corners of the trailer. If you attach onto the frame of the bike the suspension can compress and loosen the straps when going over bumps and ruts. Be sure to run the strap through the rim at the same height as the axel as that is the shortest distance. If you place the strap higher or lower the wheel will eventual rotate and the strap will loosen. Unfortunately as of Nov 28th, 2013 the large size is out of stock.
  4. I agree that there is a marketing opportunity hidden in the lack of riding boots in wide sizes. I have suffered for years in some Garnes to the point where I just couldn't take it any more. I moved to steel toed lineman boots and then took a heavy blow to my shin from a branch kicked up by the front tire. An 11 1/2 E in a motocross boot is what I am looking for. As anyone taken moto boots to a ski boot fitter to see if they can do any magic?