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  1. The fork guard that I had rip off was brand new that I purchased just to place this device on. So that is the "support?? I was kind of wondering but I thought it was the "spacer". I did find a pic of another similar device and it showed two supports so I am going to try and manufacture something??????
  2. Bought this off Ebay after it was suppose to be "COMPLETE". AT least it was new but it was missing parts. I didn't get the chance to install the catch band before my race. I did install the button. I'm guessing the extra parts (spacer, 6x20 bolt) must have been needed somewhere being my fork guard didn't last the weekend. It was ripped completely off the fork; I am assuming from the extra weight up high. So I am wondering if someone has installed one of these older style; 4-mounting points in a square pattern/large push button devices (PC part #PC4004-0408 on their YZ250? The instructions are a bit sketchy being they mention a "fork guard support strap". My bike has never had one from day one being brand new. So is this a part that was suppose to be included with the kit? I would also like to know where are they talking about placing the "aluminum spacer" and the 6x20 bolt, They also say to "use the support strap as a template; hold the strap against the guard using the mounting bolt and spacer to locate the position of the strap, mark where the upper hole will be and drill a 5mm hole for strap.....mount the strap to the fork guard with the 5mm screw and locknut, " Am I confused just because parts are missing???? So what is this "support strap? Does ANYONE???? have pictures that are better than the fuzzy instructions that are included? Hopefully of theirs mounted so that I can get an idea of what looks like what and where it all goes? I am assuming the "spacer" = kind of oval with two holes in it in the photo, and can probably manufacturer something similar; but I need to know what this support strap looks like and what ti is made of?? It apparently is NOT pictured???? Thanks for ANY help anyone can offer being this will get to be expensive purchasing new guards every moto.