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    1990 DR650

    Per my first thread, I have been working on getting the DR350 up and running. Finally at the point where I just need to do some tweaking on the air/fuel mix and the front brake issue. Taking it out after it fired for the first time in 3 years reminded me how fun of a hobby this is, and somehow found myself looking at DR650's. Ran across a deal on a DR650 that required a new top end and some assembly. It had been stripped down to paint the frame after the engine issue. Decided to jump on it and got what I think was a pretty good deal. Plan on starting to assemble everything while I hunt for either a complete engine or a new top end. Does anyone have leads on where to get a good used top end, or engine? If not I am considering going with procycle and their stage one kit. I'm a car guy first and foremost and after recently selling the last car I built, I have been missing the adrenaline rush. Kind of excited to get back into riding.
  2. Precision

    New member with yet another faile to start issue

    So earlier today I re-gapped the plug, tried a new start method, gave it hell and it fired. It's idling high and pig rich. That is in part to the modified stock throttle cable being used for the new setup and it wont lower past about 1/4 throttle. Also think part may be from not having any kind of airbox as well. So I'll be playing with that this weekend. Nice to hear it run and ride it down the street after a long few years. Now that's it's running discovered a couple new things I need to address. Shifter was pretty banged up and finally broke during the voyage ride. The front brake will intermittently lock up when used, thinking it might be the old, old brake fluid. Will be taking the caliper off and inspecting this.
  3. Hey guys, I have lurked on this forum quite a bit and finally ready to concede and ask for help. Pretty bad I can and have built cars from the ground up, but a simple dirt bike is driving me insane. Bike in question is a 1990 DR350 dirt model. I got this from my brother and it hadn't ran in two years, after some troubleshooting/tune-up (new plug, oil,etc) I figured it was naturally the carb. I decided to just go ahead and order a new one. I could have swore I ordered a TM33 as I saw suggested numerous times, but upon arrival it is a flatslide 32mm. I decided to run with it, and the basics check out. I have spark, fuel and air. Although with this carb the airbox doesn't fit up (carb opening is much larger) so currently the intake side is open. Drawing too much air possibly? The two things I have come down to are either A) The carb is just flat wrong for this bike and that is my issue. Mikuni's site and the web are useless as far as a diagram/conversion to ensure I don't maybe have a line crossed. From what I gather I have a single fuel line, two vac lines that pull outside air, and an overflow line. I have an electrical issue somewhere. Although while waiting on the new carb I sprayed some starter fluid direct into the motor and it did fire for a second, so this would lead me to think the the electronics function as they should. If needed I can take a pic of the carb setup.