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  1. Turns out there are 2 versions of the SSR. The street version has rear disc brakes. There's a dealer about 30 miles away that has the 200cc. I'll check out the quality, fit, etc... Says he can get a 250 for $3200. I know I can do better than that, so I'll see if I can talk him down a bit. I'll also check whatever else he has. Nuff said. old_cool63
  2. The SSR is out...has a rear drum brake. Shineray/Q-link anybody? Doing research... Nuff said. olds_cool63
  3. Hey, all. Thanks for the responses. If I did go with an SSR, it would be the XF250. 2 dealers in the Phoenix area. I'm very familiar with Lifan...had a sport bike a few years ago with a 250cc Lifan engine in it. Wish I still had it..did some really cool mods on it. Christini? Never heard of them, but I will definitely check them out. Any other inexpensive brands you can think of? Thanks! Nuff said. old_cool63
  4. Thanks! It would be more of a project bike, actually, with some commuting duties. I still have my main bike ('01 Suzuki Bandit 1200S). Parts? No problem. I can wrench, fabricate, etc... Not really caring about warrantee, etc. So, I don't want an expensive bike because the engine will be swapped out shortly after getting it and if anything goes wrong, at least I won't blow a lot of bucks. Nuff said. olds_cool63
  5. Hey, gang. I'm new here and looking for a cheap China-made dirt bike or dual sport. The reason is, I want it as a play bike that I intend to do some mods on including an engine swap. So, I'm not looking for one of the big 4's, just something I can get on the cheap for now. I saw an SSR XF250 and it appeals to me. Anyone know much about these? What else would you recommend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Nuff said. olds_cool63