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  1. Andrew Puetz

    Steve Holcome bikes coming to the US.

    I know!! I really like this bike, but I dont think I could bring myself to ride it like I do my 300. Would be expensive garage art.... So sexy though.
  2. Andrew Puetz

    beta 300rr oils

    I couldn't find Liqui Moly either. I used Motul 10W 40 Trans Expert which my 300RR RE manual says to use.
  3. Andrew Puetz

    Just a thought about beta clutch and brake levers

    HAHAHAHA! I am stealing this!
  4. Andrew Puetz

    X for hard enduro

    I ride a Beta 300RR and a YZ250X. Love both, but the 1st/2nd gear on the Beta make it a LOT more useable in the tight and steep stuff. There are many places I have taken both bikes that the YZ just doesnt have it and the Beta does. I am not an expert level rider at all, and there are people I ride with much better than I am, and they agree, as we have all ridden the X. The X just isnt geared for that style of riding. I also thought no e-start didnt matter because the X starts on one kick. But stall it on a steep incline and its a different story. There is a reason the Euro 2 strokes have e-start. That said, it it a little rocket. and if it is reasonably flowing single track, or more of an open race course, the YZ is a better bike. It is lighter, faster, more acceleration. Just more "spirited". But Hard enduro just isnt the best use of an X. just my 0.02
  5. I just stop at each turn. Never lost a fellow rider that way. If there is a split, and we havent discussed the trail prior to start, we all wait at each intersection to stay together. Cant get easier than that. This thread is very entertaining FYI...
  6. Andrew Puetz

    2013 or 2017 Beta RR

    If the 17 is $6800, wouldnt you be better off buying a brand new 18? One in my area for 8K, and might be able to knock a bit off of that yet...
  7. Andrew Puetz

    Boano Beta 300RR Six Days Edition

    I have red tape on my rims and I love it. You are probably spot on with the seat, but man does that bike look awesome.
  8. Anyone know if this is available in the US? This bike is sick!!!! Not sure if I posted link current. Copying from enduro21 Facebook page. Boano Six Days
  9. Andrew Puetz

    Beta forum user question: Split this forum?

    I vote for a split
  10. Andrew Puetz

    Beta Handlebar Lock Issue.

    Ok i finally worked it out. Note to self. Dont lock it. Haha
  11. Andrew Puetz

    Beta 300RR or YZ250X? What would you choose?

    I came off a WR450. You will never ride a WR again after choosing one of these 2 bikes. I was a hardcore WR guy. But too much power in the woods when i uncorked it. Both of these bikes are better.
  12. Andrew Puetz

    Beta Handlebar Lock Issue.

    I cannot get my Beta 300RRs handlebars unlocked. I have tried a few different ways but nothing. I bent one key with a wrench already. Any tips?
  13. Andrew Puetz

    Beta 300RR or YZ250X? What would you choose?

    I own both. Beta for more gnarly and YZ for more racy terrain. I like my Beta more, but the YZ is much lighter. Look for my prior posts i might have written a comparison. Or ask me any questions. Beta is a mountain goat and more predictable. I love the estart. YZ is higher strung. Kicks on first start. But that sucks on an uphill run and you kill it. Both great bikes, both have awesome suspensions and great motors. I lightly modified the YZ with FWW and a gnarly pipe. The beta was BYOB and i spent way to much on it.... Beta probably edges out for what you ride but both really great options.
  14. Andrew Puetz

    Advice on 300rr vs Trainer

    Beta Parts are not more expensive and are not hard to get. Buy the 300RR. Better bike for you. Or buy both! haha
  15. Andrew Puetz

    Beta Graphics Kit

    LOL my misinterpretation. I only replied 2 weeks later! ahaha. No, I did NOT put these on the bike yet.