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  1. Just got an email from Decal MX saying they FINALLY have Beta graphics. Also HBD Grafics out of Florida does all Beta US team graphics. They printed me a set. Look good and high quality but color was a tiny bit off from stock
  2. I will certainly let dealer know! again, it hasnt missed a beat so i am not losing much sleep. I just dont want to be hung out to dry if there is an issue later on down the road!
  3. Has anyone noticed the front brake lockup he is talking about?? I have not noticed it at all and I know I would if it had happened to me. Seems like a few commenters have noticed it as well.
  4. Not a lot of riding done this year... Having another kiddo and just moved. But to follow up with this topic, I finally did my second oil change. Here is my plug again... Any other thoughts?? It bugs the sh*t out of me. Bike riding good though!! As far as I can tell... I have approx 160 miles (can't recall hours) one Hare Scramble and the rest trail riding.
  5. I had HBD Graphics print out some number stickers for the bike, and they print for all Beta's race teams, and they couldn't match the factory colors. They said nearly impossible and they tried A LOT!
  6. Thanks for reply. Yeah I am shocked, I thought the normal RR plastic was like the Red on the frame. It is a weird color.
  7. I want to get a second set of plastic for my Beta 300 RR Race Edition. My dealer, and the online parts catalog show one color, which looks like the darker red than the RE. The Race Edition looks a lot brighter than the regular RR. I was told when I emailed Beta that the stickers made it look brighter, but they look the same. Can anyone confirm that either my dealer is wrong, or that I am nuts? Thanks in advance!
  8. here is a review I wrote a while back. still really enjoy the bike...
  9. the 250X is like riding a mountain bike. I love mine. 2 stroke all the way. I wrote a review I will try to post on here later of it. You won't be dissappointed
  10. I wear safety glasses with foam around the edges. I can't stand the feel of goggles esp when hot. they work out well for me.
  11. my thoughts exactly on the clutch debate!
  12. yikes..... Bring My Wallet. And I know as I have owned several...
  13. Well I do really like the channel. Always look forward to his take, whether i agree or not with it. I do think this first quick vid that he is undervaluing the 300, but to each his own! I hope he shifts gears a bit and does some familiar terrain and gets a good solid review of it. Im sure because he is having it loaned to him, that he won't do many, if any modifications to it. That is an unfortunate scenario. The Biggest thing I got from his channel a few years ago was the 2 stroke difference. I would still be riding a WR450 or went to a 450FXright now and hated riding it compared to my current bikes. Too heavy and too much power for the riding I do. That being said, he opened my eyes to smokers and i am very grateful. I don't want to be part of the orange sea of bikes, and i like the Beta because it is different. All of us agree in this forum. But I can't wait to watch more of these vids.
  14. Best review site... Jimmy does great work.