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  1. I'm trying to Track Down Member Jtf1307tie. Anyone know his Whereabouts, I need Advice from him!!
  2. No it's a CR500 front end. I had to get a new Axle Machined Up so I could run my 600 wheel And speedo mechanism. Was not easy But worth it in the end. Lot of messing About.
  3. I got an Acerbiss Tank and dose not clear the Carb. A little heat and push it in a little b ok or turn the Carb left.
  4. So there are 4 jets in total. Can anyone tell me what Jets they are running on there FCR XR600 conversion.
  5. I got a Plastic Welder to cut a piece Out and re shape it.
  6. I had to get my tank modified to fit over The Carb. I also ran the 650L intake As the the carb would not fit under the frame with the 600 intake. I did exactly What was originally posted and it works fine. Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  7. finally got round to doing this conversion. Thanks for the info Jtf1 I did what you posted and the bike runs well. Had to Tow start her first I could not get her to Kick start at all!! She would fire but would not run. 158 Main 45 pilot Needle 3 clips down. Did not notice any power increase though. Sent from my iPhone using Thumper Talk
  8. Ok thanks that's a relief!! I rebuilt the Top End last year, I rode it a few times After but never took much notice of the noise until about a week ago. I am putting USD Forks on it so She has been sitting for about 4 Months while waiting for parts Etc. I noticed like You Said the oil had dropped down, I assumed it drained back (another thing that puzzled me why it would do that) into the Case so I will Drain and refill. While I had the Stick out I turned the Engine over Slowly and noticed that noise and I was trying to figure out why that would come from there as the hose isn't Attached to the Case. It had we Worried, I was thinking Blow By or Valve Problem, I was stumped. I didn't realize Actually how much air came from the rocker cover. Cheers for the info.
  9. 1999 XR600 I know this is a different story guys but I need to know? The hose going from the rocker cover to the frame. When the oil filler plug is removed a can kick the bike over and it Girgles and spits and Cary's on in there,,,,, is this normal?