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    Thanks everyone as soon as I get a chance to work on it I'll let ya know how my luck went.
  2. abrown2669


    Thanks grayracer513. I already popped my plastic over the bolt to get a better look. What if I just got a good hold on it and pulled the puss out of it. Or will that damage my tank.
  3. abrown2669


    The sleeve in the tank is sticking out just enough to get the needle nose vice grips on it but when I try to back the screw out everything spins. Does all that just pop out and pop in? Not sure how it attaches to an and don't want to get to aggressive with it. I'm sure it's a common problem. I just don't know "the trick" yet.
  4. abrown2669


    08 yz450f.
  5. abrown2669


    Changing plastic on my bike and 2 of the screws spin freely and won't back out . They're located on the gas tank. Any advice on the easy way to go about getting them suckers out. Tried needle nose vice grips with no luck.
  6. Guilty until proven innocent. ...welcome to merica
  7. abrown2669

    A little suspension help please.

    Thank guys.
  8. Just got an 08 yz450f and the suspension is super stiff. I set all rebound and damping screws to factory and loosened the coil spring several turns and it is still stiff. I mainly trail ride. Is my suspension worn out? I weigh 190 lbs and when I sit on it the rear shocks drop about 2 inches and then it seems to come to a stop and I feel like I have to jump on it to make the suspension compress even more. Please help.
  9. abrown2669

    MX tracks and trails near Murfreesboro?

    Silver point mx near Baxter Tn. Approx 1 hour from the Boro right of I 40. Its a 1.6 mile mx track. Glory Hills mx in Gainsboro TN and Beckwith mx in the Lebanon area.
  10. abrown2669

    best plug to run in a 250 4t

    Just a standard ngk in mine,dont buy in to the "multi tip" plugs......electricity will take the path of least resistance so i doubt the spark plug nor the elec. system on a bike can produce enough volts to make 2 sparks. Remember the old split fire plugs ...just another gimmick, I personally have never seen more than one spark on a plug ever. Diff types of conductor material in the plug may work better than conventional plugs.
  11. abrown2669

    private mx track?

    Use the creek to water track when it gets dusty.
  12. abrown2669


    Im new to the sport to and riding in a figure 8 has helped the most. Start of slow to make sure your body position is correct then gradually increase your speed. body position is key .
  13. abrown2669

    2005 Yz250f Spark Plug

    I use a sprk plug socket and swivel ,3 in ext. not at the same time , i only use the ext to loosen plug by hand then remove ext so you can remove plug,socket and swivel/wobble head.break lose and tighten with socket, swivel,and ratchet.
  14. Just removed my k & n, bad seal...junk go with twin ait