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  1. The battery in my DRZ is completely dead. I'm in the process of trying to sell it and I need to get it running. What's a good reasonably priced battery?
  2. That's my dream bike. Light weight and plenty of power.
  3. Anyone ever try the fly racing maverick boots? I'd like something that isn't super stiff.
  4. Gotcha. I like the 690 but it wouldn't do me any good on the trails I ride. Does anyone know of you can make the Fe's street legal?
  5. I need to buy some boots to ride off road. I've been riding in work boots and they just don't cut it. I'm riding in eastern PA and the terrain varies from single track to rocky trails to mud to loose sand-like coal dirt. I need a boot with a sole that has good traction as well as good support. Doesn't have to be a high mx style boot.
  6. KTM has more street legal options. I really like the fe-350 but need it to be street legal.
  7. My edge tail light didn't work out of the box.
  8. Didn't buy it from you guys. As I mentioned, the light works but a loose wire is preventing the brake light and plate light to function properly. The site where I bought it has already sent me a replacement tail light. Great customer service.
  9. Got it going with the jumper cables. Thanks for all the advice.
  10. I just installed one and my brake light and plate light don't work. The brake light is always on and the plate light doesn't come on. If I wiggle the wire leading into the tail light then the brake light will go out but it won't stay out. Do these kits have a history of being poor quality? Have you guys been successful in having a replacement sent?
  11. I'll I'll give that a try in the am.
  12. Now I'm not sure what's wrong with it. When I press the start button it sounds like a static noise. Is that what it sounds like when the battery is drained? Kind of like a zapping or frying noise. I'm confused.
  13. Bump start as in catch it in gear? I tried it earlier but I don't think I had enough speed.
  14. So I'm definitely cool to jump it as long as I don't start the car??
  15. No time to charge it properly and I don't have a charger anyway.