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  1. I have an 06 sm that's been lightly modded by previous owner... jetkit, Airbox, etc. Wanted to see if anyone mechanically savvy in the Austin area would be able to make sure I'm getting the power I should be out of it. Appreciate it!!
  2. How do I go about adjusting this kit for superior fuel economy? I received the whole box/parts when I got my bike? Thanx
  3. Will that be okay? My bike came with dirt rear tire but no rim so I'm thinking about pickng this one up... are they compatible? Thanks!
  4. So I picked up a 2006 DRZ 400 SM, with the following mods: DYNOJET large jet kit open flow airbox Renthal 520 sprockets geared down a bit for torque renthal chain Pilot Powers (pretty new) I'm getting between 25-30mpg.... is this what I should expect with these mods? Or is this too low? I just did an oil change with full synthetic Castrol, so we will see if that changes anything. Thanks for any tips!
  5. locdog

    Small cracks in oil filter cavity?

    Thanks for the crazy fast responses all!
  6. Is this something I should be worried about? I'm not leaking any oil.....