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  1. lrcruz01

    250X to 150 XC?

    Listen to venturini and follow all his guild lines while your riding and see how it goes. Best thing to do is to try a 150 if possible and go from there. You may like or you may want a 200 or bigger.
  2. lrcruz01

    250X to 150 XC?

    I came from riding a crf 250x to an 09' 300 XCW and could be happier. Keep in mind I've always ridden a thumper 4 stroke for many years and transitioning to a 300 was pretty easy. Granted the power of my 300 takes some getting used to the low end power is amazing and lug on mostly anything without getting on the pipe. I think by getting a 150, your going to feather the clutch a lot or get on the pipe to resemble the power of your 250... Oh and my 300 has electric start which is huge IMO!
  3. lrcruz01

    Hand Gaurd question?

    That's what I had on my CRF250x and they were built rock solid. I laid the bike a few times and hand guards took the abuse. Looking for a set for my KTM. Acerbis it is!
  4. lrcruz01

    Hand Gaurd question?

    Anyone use Acerbis Pro-x hand guards?