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  1. darkdaenor

    Bikes for me and wifey: both newbs

    a KDX200 or 220 would be a good choice as well. great trail bike and is well suited for beginners.
  2. Thanks for the input - its been very helpful. I will probably end up going with the KTM due to the easy maintenance, and the lighter weight. As far as taming the CR250 - I'm working on doing that - flywheel weight been the next item on the upgrade list. The KTM will become my main bike, while the CR I will keep around for a second bike for myself and for the wife / family members or friends to hop on.
  3. Hello everyone, Getting ready to purchase a new bike soon and trying to decide on what bike to purchase. Right now I'm torn between the WR450F, and the KTM 300 XC-W. I only ride the trails / woods so it won't be getting rode on the rev limiter at all - mostly lugging it with quick short bursts of throttle. I currently ride a 00 Honda CR250 set up for trail riding - been great have had no problems with it so far. Just wish it was a bit tamer on the hit, but that is to be expected since it is a MX bike. So i'm looking for a more trail / woods friendly bike - hence my two choices which seem to be the most popular machines for the woods/trails. I enjoy 2 strokes and the lack of maintenance / simplicity they have, but that 4 stroke power / smoothness is quite nice as well. I've searched these forums as well as others and have found some answers, but am still undecided on which bike to purchase - leaning towards the KTM though. I still have a couple of questions I have yet to find an answer to. If I went with the KTM how is the part availability online since my closest dealership is over an hour away? Seems like there is a decent amount available online - but I would hate it if I'm unable to ride due to parts being on back order or something like that. Since the new WR got the smaller 250F frame, has that helped any with its handling characteristics / turning compared to the 300? Not sure if anyone could answer this one or not - wish my local dealer had a demo bike available so I could do it myself but they don't Anyway - thanks in advance for reading and for any insight you may offer! Ride safe!
  4. darkdaenor

    Tahuya trail bike

    450X and the CR250 would both do very well. I own a 2000 CR250 and I love it for trail / woods riding. Just need to set it up to suit your riding style and tastes.
  5. darkdaenor

    best bike for woods riding

    A 2 stroke 250 is an awesome woods/trail bike when set up properly.
  6. darkdaenor

    yz125 or yz250

    Definitely a 125 if your planning on starting to ride MX.
  7. darkdaenor

    2001 CR250 sell or keep?

    Fixing your 250 is still cheaper than buying another bike new or used. Can use the extra money to upgrade your suspension or other things
  8. darkdaenor

    450s in the woods? Good idea bad idea

    Are the new fuel injected bikes still hard to start after a crash ?
  9. darkdaenor

    2000 CR250, twisted Subframe & Jetting Q's

    Finally got a chance to take the carb off again. Checked the float and measured it at 16mm, also replaced the fuel needle inlet valve while I was in there. Wasn't able to ride due to it raining all weekend. Will hopefully get it out next weekend and see how she is running.
  10. darkdaenor

    450s in the woods? Good idea bad idea

    I'm having the same dilemma. Currently own a 2000 CR250, and only ride in the woods and on the trails. Been looking at adding another bike, and debating between staying with a 2T and getting a KTM 300 XC-W, or going 4-stroke and getting a WR450F. Would love to hear more opinions and thoughts from people that own or have previously owned and rode these machines.
  11. First purchase is always a service manual for your bike. Allows you to do almost all the work yourself, and saves you a ton of money!
  12. darkdaenor

    Which 450

    Later means anything newer than 2008. Older CRFs supposely had some bad valve train problems.
  13. A 125 two stroke wouldn't be the best bike to learn on. CRF230 or a XR250 would be perfect imo.
  14. Not sure what the stock weight is for the stock springs but you should be pretty close and may not need them.