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  1. Mark_B

    Stock baffle/Vortip problems

    Opinions anyone?
  2. Mark_B

    Exhaust System

    Check ebay there were a couple on there.
  3. Mark_B

    Stock baffle/Vortip problems

    They break where the bolt mounts it to the muffler. It is not the result of crashes so I am kind of at a loss and wondering if it is jetting related. I have run the bike without the baffle but I do not notice any backfire. If any body could enlighten me I would appreciate it.
  4. I need some help, I have broken three stock baffles and yesterday a Vortip insert. Do I have a problem with jetting or somthing else? The bike is stock, the jetting is stock, the airbox has not been altered, the timing is WR standard, and I have not done any of the mods suggested on this board. I ride at elevations of 2000' to 4000'. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Mark_B

    Baja Designs Quiet Baffle

    Does anyone know where to get the baja designs baffle? I called them directly a week ago and they said they did not have any in stock and did not know when they would have.
  6. Mark_B

    Clutch cover for sale

    sold [ January 15, 2002: Message edited by: Mark B ]
  7. Mark_B

    Headlight replacement?

    Anybody know were I can get a replacment headlight lens. I caught a rock in the lens on a trail ride, checked with the dealer and the only way to replace it is to buy the lens, lamp, and related hardware for $113.
  8. Mark_B

    Exhaust Baffel

    Does anyone know if the stock exhaust baffel from a 98 Wr400 will fit on a 01 WR426?