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    DR650 Cafe Conversion & "New" 1992 bike questions

    Thanks Older and Slower, I tried hitting your link but a "u don't have permission for that page", came up. Did you need to do anything to the front forks or did the wheels just bolt in? Also what tires did u use and did you find a decent amount of tire choice for that rims size? Its a great looking and practical machine, well done!
  2. arkkra

    DR650 Cafe Conversion & "New" 1992 bike questions

    I’ve tried to follow the links but i can’t seem to see the wheel size used and what mods if any were needed. I’m looking at making a adventure bike and like the idea of same front and back rim/tire size (so i can bring a tire -able to be used front or back – for a change if one gets ripped up – and I'm nowhere) which the dirt tracker bike seems to be carrying. What rim size is it and were there any modification made to the front forks or rear end? I'm not interested in lowering, and i would be happy to run a front wheel even with the sprocket attached (easy swap if i hit real hard tracks) - so i could bring a complete front wheel on board - just exploring ideas for a long ride. Any help would be great.