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  1. DRZ434rider

    Stage 2 cams

    You all are right! Kevin agrees. 44-45 hp with my RS2. Must upgrade to MRD/SSW to get to 50 hp. Anybody wanna buy a slightly used RS2? Just kidding. I may put it on here if I decide to upgrade. Proper jetting first (Original owner was in CO, I'm in MI), then go from there. Thank you. Ride safe.
  2. DRZ434rider

    Stage 2 cams

    I don't mean to sound like my kids, but............why? Edit: If this pipe won't support the stage 2 cams, what can I do short of a new pipe. Stage 1 useless? I know I can put on a taller rear sprocket, but, I want more actual horsepower, not just quickness (or power wheelies....she does that now).
  3. DRZ434rider

    Stage 2 cams

    RS2 aluminum/stainless full system. Did Yosh make a TRC for the DRZ? I bought it as stated above about a month ago. I like it alot. Just wouldn't mind a few more horses.
  4. DRZ434rider

    Stage 2 cams

    Are they worthwile? I have the 434 kit, FCR 39, 3x3, Yosh full exhaust. Kevin says 50hp. Is it a noticeable change off my current 44hp? I've had the bike about a month. A noticeable power increase and I would be happy. Thanks. Ride safe Mark
  5. DRZ434rider

    How hard is it.....

    .....to change the jets in a Keihin FCR carb. Can I just loosen it up, rotate it a bit and do the work? Thanks all and ride safe. Mark