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  1. Meth0tica

    2014 crf250r hard to start/ wont start?

    You say the valves are within spec which hints that maybe you were in the top-end recently. Did you get a tooth off on your timing chain? This happened to me over the weekend and it wouldn't start. Also, is your ECU mapped for 110 race gas? Hope this helps!
  2. Meth0tica

    Do I need an ECU remap after big bore and Hotcam

    Awesome, thanks all for the reply. So I will go break it in and ride it a couple more weekends before it gets too cold, then pull ECU and send in for remap before next year. TokyoMods wants $100 to remap, any other places I should know about that can program a good map for a stock bike except for Big Bore and Hotcam 2-stage cam upgrade? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, Just finished up my install of a 270 big bore kit and a stage 2 cam on my 2013 CRF250R. Fired up last night so all seems well this far. I still have the stock exhaust on it, so I'm wondering if I need a new map installed if the only engine mods have been the cam and big bore kit. Thanks, -Eric
  4. Hey everyone, I documented my install of a late model crf250r clutch cable bracket, puller, etc. so I could convert my 2013 right side routing clutch to a left side. I believe the '14 and '15 CRFs come with left side clutch cable routing/mounting stock. Can I use the same clutch hanger (part that mounts using top two bolts on the oil cover) and clutch cable as the '14 '15 on my '13. Anyone have any experience? Thanks!
  5. Meth0tica

    How do I make my front brake stronger

    I second the oversized from CRFstuff and the braided cable. Been awesome addition to my 2013 CRF250R!
  6. Meth0tica

    Skid/Glide plates?

    I was looking at either the Acerbis or the TM Design Works ones they recently came out with. I had a Cyrca and it snapped when I cased a jump so I've been running without one for now.
  7. Meth0tica

    12' crf250 wiseco?

    You end up running the 8 or 7? I have a '13 that I've added the push rod and removed the judders spring and replaced w/ a new fiber. This winter I'll need to get a new clutch kit and basket so wondering how many fibers I'll need to use and if the kits usually come w/ or without the judder if you go aftermarket (Hinson, Wiseco). Thanks!
  8. Meth0tica

    mixing clutch springs?

    yes, I ran three Hinson and two stock for last season since I didn't want it to be as difficult a pull as all 5 Hinson.
  9. Meth0tica

    Crf250r first gear stall

    Thanks Eddie, I was going to do new fiber plates after this summer, so you think I should do a new basket as well? I upgraded the springs to the stronger Hinson ones a while back, so I should be good there. Thanks!
  10. Meth0tica

    Crf250r first gear stall

    I have a 2013 R that does the exact same thing after about 50hrs on it. I need to make sure I give it just a smidge of gas when I put it in first since it stalls sometimes. I've changed the eng/tranny oil every three rides since the day I bought it. I was thinking the plates were starting to stick from general wear and/or the oil weight is just thick (I've used both Lucas and Bel-Rey tranny oil). I've not noticed any other issue related to this so I haven't been too worried.
  11. Meth0tica

    Do valves loosen or tighten with age

    ok, thanks! So the ones that had been a bit loose I should have left alone since now that I put a larger shim in they will need to be checked sooner?
  12. Hey everyone, I have 60 newbie hours on my 2013 CRF250R. I started checking my valves every 15hours after 30 and only needed to re-shim three of them because they were a bit loose at 50hrs. The other one was a bit tight. I'm wondering about that tight one. Since the other three loosened with wear, does that mean I'm now good to go another 30 or so before checking, or could that one keep tightening with wear? Is there a consistent way valves go with wear is the question. Thanks!
  13. Meth0tica

    Street legalizing a 250r

    CRFstuff or CRFsonly has some supermoto conversion kits.
  14. Meth0tica

    First Wash = No Start

    You don't mention if you covered all the openings that need to be covered before washing (i.e. did you plug exhaust and cover air intake?)
  15. Meth0tica

    Cycra stadium plate not fitting