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  1. bikenoob

    Any problems with the DR650?

    I don't own one but i am also looking into getting one. The only problem i have found is that the third gear is weak pro-cycle sells a aftermarket gear that is stronger but it is expensive.
  2. bikenoob

    klr650/dr650se or the xr650?

    I think ill try the dr, and i would love a 690 but not enough cash :/
  3. bikenoob

    klr650/dr650se or the xr650?

    Thanks for the advice guys there is one more thing i need to know though how does the DR handle heat? If i take it to Arizona it gets up too 110 in my home town.
  4. I'am 19 and new to riding and i was wandering which one of these bikes should i buy? I've been riding my dads 07' klr it was a great starter bike but its to slow, and heavy i want something better in dirt because i am moving to Alaska. I have seen a lot of good reviews on both the DR and the XR but not sure to go with them or stick with the klr? i need something that will also be good for long rides just in case i decide to move back to AZ.