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  1. +1 for tuff lites. I have em and they are durable as a small tank. Smashed 'em, bashed 'em, scraped 'em, and even had a friend with ADHD just sit and slap 'em for ten minutes one morning because we were taking too long to pack camp. Only downside is they aren't big "OMG LOOK AT ME" lights. They are a little more low-pro, but I have no complaints about 'em despite the size. Buddy told me even with mud on 'em he couldn't help but laugh because he could still see em flashing when I forgot to kill them once we turned down a forest service road. At least I never got lost?
  2. Sweet. Thanks.
  3. Just swapped out my bent renthal fatbars for a protaper contour. So the renthals have little drilled out bits that the killswitch and light switches would pop into. Ya know, the little diddly bobs on the inside that slide into the bar. Do I need to drill the new bars with holes or just sand off the diddly bobs? I'm worried the second option will lead to the switches rotating on me but wanted a bit of advice before I take power tools to anything. thanks in advance!
  4. That's what I figured but wanted the expert's opinion. So I turn to you, Oh grand wizard of all things DRZ... What do you think is my easiest option for installing the black box I've been glaring at for a week. =P
  5. There's no serial number it just says Comp Series.
  6. So on that note how do I go about it? Err, rather how do I tell if my exhaust is a slip-off or header-back (or whatever it's called)? I'm still new but loving ripping this thing apart and putting it together. I just prefer to do things within my skill level. =P
  7. Yeah that's Kind of where I'm at right now.
  8. Finally got all the parts for the Oil vapor tank, but now I'm in a snag. The darn thing won't slide in like i thought it would. (That's what she said). Anyone know of any quick tricks to install it? Otherwise the only options I see are removing my mcct or the carb to get this fat piece of plastic in. Input would be rad because I was really looking forward to riding today. =( P.S. Before anyone comments, original owner took it off and did the trick everyone who removes it does. Downside is I went on a longer ride and on day ten my airbox was seeping oil onto my swing arm and tire. It was like an emo kid crying black tears of sorrow because mom got him an xbox one instead of a PS4. Or vice versa if it was a goth kid. Thus I want it back on to reduce risk of the rear tire sliding in front of a cop again. Though it was pretty cool....
  9. Is there a write up on venting the airbox? If you know of one, cool. If not I will do a search when I get home from work. =P
  10. Well that makes a lot of sense. The PO said he took the bike to a "reputable" shop down where he lives and had them set up the bike for our local track's Super Moto race requirements. How easy is it to get ahold of the parts and install it? And why did it only start to present a problem on day 8 of the trip? Not that I doub't you, just curious for input. And the oil isn't going to the ground but the airbox. Just restating in case.
  11. No, that black box was not on the box bike when I bought it. What is it?
  12. Just got back from my trip and towards the end I noticed I was leaking oil. Alright, it happens, I thought to myself. Then I realized it seemed to be coming from my airbox! So I pulled out the filter, it was saturated in oil, and the inside of the box was covered in it. Any thoughts on what the heck happened?! Only thing I could think of is some form of blowback from the carb??
  13. Hard to say how dusty. We're going through a lot of places with wildfire warnings (central/eastern washington, central Oregon, and Northern Cali) and then up the coast, probably to the dunes on the Oregon coast. So there should be a good amount of dust. And Runny, I hear ya, But my Icon Alliance, though I love it in the cold, Sucks sever [bad words] when I'm anywhere that isn't on the interstate. =P It's either gonna be the fly Trekker (same as the afx fx-39) or a Fly F2 Carbon. decision making today. Borrow my old mx helmet and gonna try it on the roads. Wish me luck! Rofl.
  14. Yeah, wish I could afford an XD4, trust me. They fit like a friggin' glove. And the icon is a stellar helmet, but no shop has 'em for me to try on plus there's not really an "off-road" setup for it. I was thinking either the agv ex-8 evo ds or whatever or the Speed and Strength ss2500. But would settle for a Fly too, if worse came to worse moneywise.
  15. I think most of my riding will be around town and to GET to the trails. My commute is only two freeway exits and for the long street rides I already have a "street" helmet. Thanks, man! Been debating and trying to figure this out for like two weeks. Other input is good, as if I was rich I would just get a shoei or Arai, but since I'm not rich, I gotta figure something else out. =P