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    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    Yeah No shit it's a Baja problem! what exactly do you have a SCORE card for ? This event brings in more money than I think you understand! Did you forget who makes the whole SCORE thing possible! let me enlighten you, it's the guy that takes a week or more off work with eight or more of his friends cleans out his bank so that he can go down to a foreign country and enjoy spending hard earned money on fuel, motel rooms, food and maybe and t shirt or two for the family that was left at home ! Oh, not to mention the motorcycle, and all the parts that go into that just to make the event. You pay entry fees and insurance fees so that we can race, and you dont think its SCORES issue if one of their own has a gun held to his head on the SCORE owned (quote) race course by an Individual that is signed up to race! Get this justin, if Im not there, and the other eight guys or so aren't there, what do you think happens to SCORE , let alone baja ! well if you haven't figured it out let me tell you, THERE IS NO SCORE, THERE IS NO TOURIST REVENUE! If this kind of thing isn't a SCORE problem , tell me why anyone would want to spend another dime with this promoter? The influence that this organization has on the economy in mexico, you expect they would do whatever it takes to minimize any threat to the bottom line and make sure the people that make score happen are under their blanket. How about the phone call that needed to be made to my wife and two kids letting them know that my body bag is ready to be picked up in a mexican morgue! you probably think that wouldn't be a SCORE problem either. maybe you might see things a little different if it happened to you and had to do all the foot work to identify the perp and watch the guy pretty much get away with the whole thing! I don't have the money to just bounce back and forth to mexico to fix problems that are paper work issues, and I haven't had any offers to help me do that. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO THIS POS IS ! and its not the first time he's done this. Next time this happens you think it's just a Baja problem , or after the way this is going down it's a bad decision making problem on how to use your influence as a promoter on something that could have been taken care of quickly from the start.
  2. tryit again

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    I did have short conversation with a couple individuals at score, the whole thing has gone sideways it seems that nothing is going to happen with the guy that I have identified 100% to be the POS! that held me up and stole the bike! I can tell you this the mother f****r is going to pay one way or another. I have given more than enough info about this and there is absolutely no reason that he shouldn't be in jail for attempted murder, armed robbery! You would think that SCORE would be on top of this and in communication with the DA . Its been sixteen days and Jose Alfreo Lopez Villalva ( EDY LOPEZ ) thinks he has got away , THINK AGAIN MOTHER F****R ! Everyone I know and some I dont know are out for you! I hope that this answers any question you have how I feel about the way this is being handled.
  3. tryit again

    Robbed at Gun Point Baja 500

    I think its time I respond to some of the questions that have been raised on what happened on the course that morning! and what has happened since. First things first, thank you again kyle for getting me of the hillside and getting me back to the hotel. when I called the police they were there before I was even off the phone, investigator in this case has been in contact with me almost everyday, I really cant get into what is going on in depth, in the hopes that i get the bike back, even if I dont I want this POS to pay somehow! he gos by ( Edy Lopez in Ensenada Blanca) on facebook the police showed the picture of the guy and the 450Hon that was positively identified 100% to be the one on the course that morning. as for being a racer he was supposed to be on the 15X bike on race day per the state police.When he didnt show up to tech or for the race the police said he went into hiding, the team of the 15x didnt know what happened to him. this guy has been in hiding for days, and he has now got a lawyer that has been in contact with the police! If your not guilty what would you have to hide from ? as of now no bike no arrest and the comments that i have left I need to keep to myself until the conversation that Roger Norman and I were having resumes. In the case that doesnt occur, there will be a full statement of the events in detail. Thank You everyone for the support through this ordeal!