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  1. Zrt1200

    DIY Coolant heated handle bars

    IMO This is pretty cool and mxrider_34 took the time to do it and share it with us. I will admit I like the SS hose Idea with banjo bolts better but it is defiantly a start on a good idea and I am sure it did not cost him $500 to do it himself. He did put in shut off valves so if something does happens he can turn the coolant off and thats a smart move. I would say you have enlighten a lot of us even though some guys wont post a reply. mxrider_34, Good Job
  2. For a few years now I have been running Ethanol shield in pretty much every thing except my daily drivers and not had 1 issue with Ethanol. I am not going to brag on how good it is but after you watch this video you may be buying it as well. IMO its a must for all PowerSport 2 & 4 strokes and lawn equipment!!! http://www.veoh.com/watch/v27881544RmFQCdFY?h1=Ethanol+and+Other+Fuel+Problems+ELIMINATED http://b3cfuel.com/products https://www.homedepot.com/b/Outdoors...vZbxaqZ1z0uoqm I called the factory and asked what the difference was between the mechanic in a bottle VS ethanol shield. They told me both will bond to Water, Ethanol, Gas, & Oil. The major difference is Mechanic in a bottle is designed to clean your carbs & injectors, Soften harden O-rings and get a rough engine running good again from the effect of Ethanol. They said after its running good to use Ethanol shield. I buy it locally at Home Depot in the gallon size. If they dont have it in stock they order it for me.
  3. Zrt1200

    School me on FCR39mx carbs

    Thanks for the link. My FCR came with the plug but I did not know it needed a O-ring under the Hotstart plug as mine does not have that. I will order one today. I just received some of my jets I needed and am waiting on main jets yet.
  4. Set the cases in the oven for about 15 minutes at 350 degree's and tap them out. Clean the case's up. Reverse the process all while the new bearing are in the freezer.
  5. Zrt1200


    You guys are correct about the lower part of Michigan being sand and its very Loose Sand unless you ride right after it rains. The very north part of the lower has more dirt but then you are only 30 miles from the Mackinaw Bridge. Its Funny I have never rode a dirt bike in the UP of Michigan. I have been there multiple times with snowmobiles but never with a dirt bike. Now you guys have sparked my interest in a UP ride. Buttegal, There is nothing wrong with that trailer with your built in Salt/Sand shield. As for building a trailer I have been thinking about building one myself. I just seen my nephews trailer and he bought a PWC trailer for $300 and converted it. It turned out very nice and has me thinking about doing the same. For $300 you cant buy the axle and wheels anymore. Question for you guys/gals. Do any of you use Fasst Flexx Bars??? I have been thinking about them a lot lately. I am thinking it would lesson some of the jarring to my shoulders & wrist. Anyone that has tried them care to comment??
  6. Zrt1200

    Whats my bike worth?

    Keep your bike and get her a Yamaha XT250. My wife is about the same size as your wife is and she fits perfect on a XT250. Top speed is about 74MPH with her on it but she rarely goes above 50-55mph. Normally not even that fast as we ride back roads & two tracks.
  7. Zrt1200

    School me on FCR39mx carbs

    Bringing this topic back up to update a little. I ended up buying a FCR39mx from a 2012 YZ250F. I also found out you can do a little conversion on the airbox and use the Yamaha air box boot with a little trimming with a dremmel. I did buy a carb adapter off of ebay to fit my FCR but may go with the air box mod. The only problem with that is its non reversible. As you can see in the pics the Yamaha carb does not have a Main air jet in the bell of the carb. I am going to have to do some searching for jetting when using a Yamaha carb. I did measure the bore of the carb and I had the seller measure it as well before I bought it and it is a 39mm. From the reading I have done I already know I will have to do a little filing to make the throttle cables fit correctly.
  8. Zrt1200


    LOL. That quote needs to be a Bumper Sticker. I use to smoke and once the Doc told me you will loose that part of your drive the next week I quite smoking. The only thing that keeps me motivated is Sex and Motorsport toys. With out those what else is there to live for???
  9. Zrt1200


    Thanks Guys & Gals for the warm welcome. I have IB 800's & Pain meds but I really try not to use them before I ride. Some times in the middle of the ride I will take a IB 800 if I need it to get back but that usually does not happen unless its really whooped out for miles. I can think of one place right off hand that use to be one of my favorite places to ride that has turned to like that. 1/8 mile of nice tight single track and the next 2 miles of tight single track Whoops. The whoops is really what gets me. I will admit if I eat right and go to the gym regularly I feel better and do better. I here you guys about shorter bikes. I bought my wife a 08 Yamaha XT250 and that bike is just fun to ride because its so short and easy to maneuver. It does not have enough power for me or enough travel to be used in single tracks but for putting around on a 2 track its a blast. I have thought about getting a big bore for it and a cam made up but I am sure that would kill the reliability of it. Beside my wife likes it just the way it is. My boys buddy rode it and is considering selling his YZ400 to get a XT250 as he like it so much. Its just a fun little bike. As for a Michigan ride maybe this fall as I have a lot on my plate right now and when I go riding its on the spur of the moment at this time. But a Michigan ride with a few of you guys sounds like fun.
  10. Zrt1200


    This is my first post in this topic. I'm 57 and just bought a DRZ400 dual sport. Seems life is getting faster all the time and there is not enough time to hit the gym anymore but I do push mow 4 acres every spring to try to get back into some kind of shape. But the truth of it is the arthritis in my hips are really starting to effect me swinging a leg over the bike. I am even considering lowering my DS so I can throw a leg over it easier. Couple that with multiple rotator cuff surgery's through the years and I really can only handle single track for about 8-12 hours in a weekend before I am hitting the pain meds. I ride with a EVS shoulder support so I can ride single track. If I dont wear the EVS I am done in 30 minutes for the weekend. The Doc wants to do a reverse shoulder surgery on me but I want no part of that using artificial parts and loosing part of my arm to do it as that surely would be the end of my riding. I will continue to ride single track for another year or two but then its going to be national forest two tracks & back roads for me. Two tracks and Back roads are still way better than a rocking chair. lol.
  11. Zrt1200

    Who does good head work on YZ400??

    Thanks. That just reminded me. Doesn't Eric Gore work out of Millennium now as well?? I will give them a call tomorrow.
  12. Long story but my boys buddy bought a YZ400 that supposed to have had the valves & guides all reworked. He did not even get it in the woods before it started to give him problems. So he took it to a back woods repair shop who tore the engine down and told him it might be a stuck valve?? I am a 2 stroke guy so I am really no help for the kid but I can do some of the work but heads is not one of them. There might not even be anything wrong with the head but then again it might need a full rebuild or replacement. Who would you guys recommend sending the head off to?? Thanks Guys.
  13. Zrt1200

    School me on FCR39mx carbs

    In the second link on pg3 it shows a adapter you can buy on Ebay... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Keihin-FCR-Carburetor-Adapter-for-DRZ-400-DRZ-400-APP-1001-2-Intl-Buyers-/172717593744?hash=item2836c55490:g:eKAAAOSwx6pYn7s1 I also found this adapter... http://www.ebay.com/itm/182588836462?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Being I can buy adapters pretty cheap this makes buying a Yamaha or other brand FCR39mx carb a more reasonable option for someone who is on a budget. The sad part is you are always taking a gamble if you buy something off of ebay. I also found this set up in my searching. Its a used carb that they sell with DRZ jets already installed.... http://www.keihin-fcr.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=55 From My searching it looks like these carbs will work. I copied and pasted these from the second link above. Read for your self though. 2000-2009 KTM 525 XC four wheeler KTM RFS 4 stroke motorcycles 450 and 525 CRF450X 2003-2007 YZ450F 2004-2009 Yamaha YFZ450 39mm 2012-2013 Yamaha YZ250F 39mm 1998-2000 Yamaha WR400F 39mm 1998-2000 Yamaha YZ400F 39mm 2001-2002 Yamaha WR426F 39mm 2000-2002 Yamaha YZ426F 39mm 2003-2011 Yamaha WR450F 39mm 2003-2009 Yamaha YZ450F 39mm jjktmrider. How is the throttle response on that CVK40?? Im not looking for more power but I am looking for a quicker throttle response. Who a I kidding I am always looking for more power. lol. Do you have a link to your CVK40 conversion??
  14. Zrt1200

    Hydration pack

    Good question. I have seen them and thought about them as well.
  15. Zrt1200

    School me on FCR39mx carbs

    You were right. I just needed to type in the correct wording. lol. Here is why you dont want to use a Yamaha FCR...