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  1. 12 O'Clock Boys - Exclusive Trailer:
  2. W-KRiders

    Sh!t...what should I get my wife for Christmas?

    .40 S&W XD Sub-Compact and a concealed carry purse from Two Cannons.
  3. W-KRiders

    05 ktm 125 vs 06 yz125

    +1 for the YZ. Change up the gearing to suit you and and toss a weight on the flywheel.
  4. W-KRiders

    Dirt bike transport

    Does it have to be a car or just cheap? There are plenty of late model small pickups out there to choose from.
  5. W-KRiders

    dealership or ktm

    If you want stand out from the crowd a little more I'd go with the Beta 300RR.
  6. W-KRiders

    What to do with premixed gas?

    Dur... Thanks for catching that. It was a late night. Oil and diesel mixed is okay for a diesel. Sorry about that.
  7. W-KRiders

    What to do with premixed gas?

    If your driving a diesel rig you'll be fine, as for a gasoline engine I'm not sure.
  8. W-KRiders

    dealership or ktm

    Either the 300 or a new YZ with the WR transmission and a FWW.
  9. I've never done much reading on the RM250, but I was reading up on the YZ before my bike purchase. From what I can tell you the 06' and newer YZ's have superior suspension and make capable trail bikes with just a flywheel weight and a Gnarly. You can also stuff Yamaha's wide ratio transmission into them, not sure what years will accpet it though. I'd go with the YZ.
  10. W-KRiders

    Looking for a Trail Bike?

    I'd say an 05'-06' CRF250/450X could be had for right around your price, or a KDX200/220 could be had for less than your max budget, either of these bikes at their age would probably require some love before I'd consider them "ready to ride". Any bike in your price range is going to almost always be carbureted, so you may have to do some jetting work.
  11. Just an observation and opinion here. I owned a 04' CRF450R it was a great bike. Bullet proof, just not exactly what I wanted (hated the weight) for the trails I ride in Alaska. As for the valve adjustment intervals, it really matters more how hard you ride and making sure you keep the intake clean. The harder (ie: higher revs) you ride the more maintenance you'll have to do. I'd opt for the CRF as they are still running a carb. Dirt and fuel injection don't work, although on the other hand if you suffer from OCD and are okay with keeping an eye on the fuel filter. The injected models deliver better fuel mileage and a smoother power delivery. I have no experience owning an injected model but when I'm 60 miles from the truck I'll rely on the tried and true carb. Both models have the magic button. I'd check the make/model specific forums for the bikes you're considering to see what people like and dislike about them. Honda has been winning the Baja for years now so they've done something right and they recently setup an X for the Dakar Rally. Try to get a test ride if you can. I'm still going to insert my shameless plug for the 300 XC-W, XC models here.
  12. Seems from your OP that you're looking for something with the weight of a 250, power of a 450, low maintenance and low cost to maintain. If you're okay with mixing fuel and oil, I'd personally recommend a new 300 XC-W or XC.