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  1. This forum should be entitled "the bring it on - pissing contest forum", the trolls win...
  2. One thing we can all agree on: wrestling is, without a doubt, the gayest sport...
  3. MotoWRat

    Boyesen Accelerator Pump Cover?

    These posts sum up my interest with regard to this product exactly. I could not get a straight answer on the 250F forum and no "actual" experience in the replies. If you know about the "not invented here" attitude toward new products and new ideas, you'll understand. All I could determine is that if you putt down the trails, the #40 LJ is all you need for an '04. Nevertheless, I was able to gather from talking to local racers that the QuickShot does indeed keep the motor from bogging in real-world, dynamic throttle demand situations. That's with a #50, #60 or even stock leakjet. YMMV (disclaimer)
  4. MotoWRat

    Planet Xtreme, are they open?

    It's still open. Back to Amago now. CalVMX (vintage) took over the vet track after Carlsbad closed. They have been doing a good job, but the rains did a number on the place.
  5. MotoWRat

    Boyesen accelerator pump cover

    That's really good for you, glad to hear it... I recommend that learn how to use the spell-checker.
  6. MotoWRat

    03/05 in greater San Diego area?

    Looks like a great place to tral ride. Do you have to be dual-sport legal to ride there, or is a green sticker OK?
  7. MotoWRat

    Boyesen accelerator pump cover

    Even though it is a nice "static" comparison, it still does not answer my question... I have subsequently learned that many racers use the product, or similarly modified covers, because of the more efficient pump charge cycle time, as opposed to stock. This is especially important when getting through a tricky rhythym section or successive jumps (dynamic), as opposed to putting down the trails.
  8. Jamie Little is covering Indy Car racing on ESPN2, right now. Yummy!
  9. MotoWRat

    auto-clutch vs. slipper clutch

    Can anyone help me undestand the differences and advantages of one over the other???
  10. MotoWRat

    Lower back pain after riding.....

    First thing is the kidney belt. I don't see how anyone could really ride hard w/o one. Definitely essential equipment.
  11. Wondering which is better for mostly track and some trail/desert riding.
  12. One thing most people fail to take into account, is that MotoCross, unlike the other sports mentioned in this thread (with the exception of cycling) has no stoppage of play for timeouts, injuries, substitution, penalties, commercials, etc...
  13. As a point of clarity and to provide the context that is mostly missing in this thread, the analysis by the Swedish Physical Sports Institute was comparing old school Gran Prix MX and soccer. The Gran Prix format was two 45-minute motos and the soccer was two 45-minute periods. You can't compare that format with boxing or swimming, maybe cycling. Everybody knows that soccer is for guys who can't throw... (j/k)
  14. Torsten Hallman, in his autobiography "mr. moto-cross", refers to "a thorough analysis made by the Swedish Physical Sports Institute a couple of years ago..." The book has no publish date, but I am guessing 1969, due to the passage: "The 1970 season is an open affair as this is written before it even starts." The old Husqvarna manuals, circa 1970, had a section describing the "study". Try searching Swedish physiology sites or get an old Husky manual.
  15. MotoWRat


    The etrex legend is really good, but for a little more ($199 @ amazon) the etrex vista adds altimeter, electronic compass (so you can get a heading without moving) and 24 Mbytes for maps.