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  1. Bought an '87 CR125 and am in the final stages of the restoration,but having trouble with the rear rim. For the front, I have a gold excel rim with prowheel gold spokes,and the oem black hub,just to give you an idea on the color scheme. For the rear however, I cant seem to find a 32ct spoke kit in gold to match the spoke numbet of the hub and rim,or is a 36ct spoke hub availible somewhere? That way I can use my 36ct spoke set and rim,which I also have. To simplify,anyone know of where to buy a 32ct gold spoke set for a 19" rim,or a black 36ct hub? Thanks.
  2. I know its been a while, but I thought i'd finally send the pictures. I ended up buying Excel rims of craigslist, and am in the process of putting new gold spokes on,as well new tires. Attached pics are of the rims the day I bought them,$100 for the pair,and sold the YZ hubs. Not bad in my opinion.
  3. Ah,that car reference made me understand this much more. Thanks, and I'm learning new things all the time. Thanks for your help everyone. 19" rims here I come.
  4. Any loss on suspension travel?
  5. Hi everyone, I've been slowly rebuildin an '87 Cr125 and have had trouble finding new 18" gold spokes for the 18" rim, I can however easily find 19" rims and spokes. Any upside/downside of changing rim sizes? Anything I should be careful of? Thanks.
  6. Sweet man,thanks for that link. And will do. Now I just need to find spokes that will work for those rims and my oem hubs. Any suggestions?
  7. Well allright then, I'll take the gamble. Thanks.
  8. Hey everyone, I've been restoring an '87 Cr125 and have come into some problems with the rims. First off, no bike on craigslist in my area has a clean enough rim set for me to buy,and I cant afford to get high end rims made for me. I've allready bought two other bikes for parts,and both have had cracked rear rims,meaning I have been unable to get them trued and then powdercoated gold(gold is a must have for me). The rims on ebay arnt in great shape either. When I went on amazon however, I found a company named pro wheel who has both a front and back gold rim for $200. The front rim is the same size as the oem(1.60x21) and the rear is the same oem size as well(18x2.15). The thing is though,cr125s arnt listed under the "This will fit these vehicles" section,and this worries me. Anything I should know before I take the gamble and buy both of them? Also, the rims will be able to be used with my oem hubs and spokes correct? Thanks. Attached are links to the rims. Pro-Wheel Rear Rim - 18x2.15 - Gold , Position: Rear, Color: Gold, Rim Size: 18 1820HOGO https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GZJ5KK/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_UKDAvb1WETMJ0 Pro-Wheel Front Rim - Gold - 1.60-21 , Color: Gold 21-0HOGO https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GZP48C/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_NNDAvb1B33GEW
  9. I found 2 pairs on ebay going for $200, and $130(bidding increasing as we speak),which isnt far from what I paid for the '88 ones. I'd rather have oem nos anyway.
  10. Allright thank! Hopefully I can find some NOS OEM sides, shrouds and number plate as well,but if not, UFO here I come!
  11. Just ordered OEM NOS front and rear fender, now I just need rear sides,anyone know if Maier is good? Or is Ufo better?
  12. Thanks, I'll give them a try. Hopefully I can find those side plates.
  13. If anyone is interested in these 100% perfect shrouds,let me know. Willing to sell and shipping is easy.
  14. Found OEM flash red front and rear fender NOS, so I will be buying those, but its a pain to find the rear side plastics NOS. Plus my '88 NOS gas tank shrouds (that I had shipped in from Norway & cost a pretty penny) are apparantly fighting red(Even though they seem close..). So I guess I will need to find NOS '87 shrouds as well. I'll see if UFO has anything that would work.
  15. Thank you, I havent used this site in a while, so I didnt know that was there. Thanks again for your help.