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  1. Jreal7

    Gas in oil while riding?

    I had a drz years ago and got rid of it and now I just bought another used one over the weekend. This one has a Pingel power flo petcock, which I didn’t even think about when I left it in the ON position for a couple days. When I went to ride it, it wouldn’t crank over until after a few tries and then it finally cranked but took forever to start. I realized later after riding that it was hydrolocked earlier with fuel in the cylinder and my oil smelled strongly of gas. I realized I’m dumb and immediately did 3 oil changes to clean out the gas. Now I’m stressed out and am wondering, what keeps the excess fuel from pouring into the cylinder when the bike is being ridden? There’s way more fuel pouring into the carb than is being burned at any given time. So if the float valve doesn’t keep it from pouring in while it’s sitting, wouldn’t it do the same thing while riding?
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    Yes I removed it
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    Thanks for all your help
  4. Jreal7


    I put the fuel screw in to where the idle dropped and then it smoothed out 1.5 turns out from there so I should be fine with my pilot jet. I rode again and noticed a difference in throttle response. I must have just not been paying attention to that last time. Does your DRZ pop on deceleration? I find mixed views on whether it's normal or not.
  5. Jreal7


    Ok I have a question. I got everything done and back on and went for a ride. I really didn't notice anything different in terms of performance. I wasn't expecting a whole new bike but am feeling no difference from before. Also the pipe has what I think is too much popping at decel. I expected some but it sounds like a war zone back there when I let off the throttle. I looked around and read to back the fuel screw out more to fix the popping and that did nothing. Any advice? And do you put any kind of gasket maker or sealant in where the header joins the mid pipe to keep oxygen out or just slide it in?
  6. Jreal7


    All the posts I found had Eddie asking for a more specific altitude than a 3000 foot range.
  7. Jreal7


    I know absolutely nothing about jetting outside of youtube videos and need some help. I have searched through a lot of jetting threads but cant find one for my setup and elevation. I have a 2006 S with the stock mikuni carb and am going to just do the 3x3 mod and full yoshi rs-2 exhaust and will be using the jd jet kit and thumpertalk extended fuel screw. So does anyone know what jetting I would need at 1500 foot elevation? thanks oh and a twin-air air filter if that matters.
  8. Jreal7

    Suspension work for light rider

    I have a 2006 S model. I'm mostly riding so-cal dirt trails / desert. Every thread I read on this is usually posted by a larger rider so I just don't know if the change for me would be drastic enough to spend my money on suspension or other mods first.
  9. So I have been looking through threads all day about how getting suspension reworked is the best mod to do. I only weigh 160 pounds and I read that the bike comes set up stock for around my weight. So would it even be worth the cost for me to have my suspension done at my weight? The front end seems to wash out easier than other bikes I've ridden. I know the drz isn't going to perform 100% as good as some other bikes but I'm trying to make it as good as possible. Thanks
  10. Jreal7

    UFO sm front fender

    Sorry for the sideways pictures. I don't know why they ended up like that.
  11. Jreal7

    UFO sm front fender

    My fender came today. Very fast shipping from wheeling cycle supply as usual. I placed the order late at night and when I woke up the next morning it had been shipped. It came from the opposite side of the country in 2 days with the cheapest shipping option. Anyways I like it a lot more than the stock S fender. Finding someone in Canada to ship me the suzuki SM fender in blue for close to $100 didn't seem worth it so this is the next best thing. It looks nice and feels like it won't shake at high speeds like the stock fender. Color match is as close as you can get with aftermarket plastics. It did require a couple washers on the rear bolts for spacers or else it rubs on the radiator shrouds. Overall I am very happy with it and another positive experience with wheeling cycle.
  12. Jreal7

    UFO sm front fender

    Thank you those are better angles. We have the exact same bike down to the hand guards and everything. I just ordered the fender so now I know exactly what I'll be looking at in a few days. and yeah I just ordered a couple things from wheeling cycle supply last week and it was the fastest shipping I have ever had. I'll definitely be going to them first when I need something.
  13. Jreal7

    UFO sm front fender

    This will be for my S so longer is better. Thanks forest that's exactly what I was looking for. I think I'll be ordering one from you soon.
  14. Jreal7

    UFO sm front fender

    Does anyone have the UFO sm front fender in blue that wheeling cycle supply sells? I'm looking for a picture of it mounted on someone's bike but can't find anything. this is the one I am talking about