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  1. fiddyalle

    Honda CR80 engine problems

    Alright thanks. I will split the cases again i guess. Any recommendations on what book to get? I need one with good exploaded views i think.
  2. fiddyalle

    Honda CR80 engine problems

    Hey, I have a Honda CR80 2001 or 2002. Not really sure about what year it is. Anyways. That wont shift correcty after the engine has been rebuilt. Only a few gears can be shifted into. 0, 1 and 2 if i remeber correctly. The engine also feels kinda slow. Even with the cylinder and piston off. Anyone know what the problem could be? Im guessing i got something wrong but i cant figure it out even after looking at some crappy exploaded views on the internet. So i was planning on buying a book to help me out. http://www.repairmanual.com/?s=honda+cr80&post_type=product But im not sure which book i should get. Any advice? I would really appreciate some help here. Because i have been stuck with this bike in parts for soon 2 years :/
  3. Hello, I have just rebuilt my engine but the gears refuses to work properly. The engine refuses to engage first gear, fifth and sixth gear. I have built up the engine several times but I can not get the gears to work. I would really appreciate the help!
  4. fiddyalle

    Honda CR80 2001 Engine Problems

    Well i will try to explain: It started when I splited my crankcase to change oil seals. I changed all the seals everything went good until i was going to rebuild the engine. What happend was when i was tightning the left engine case the whole engine got seized/locked. I have tried to rebuild it multiple times but i get the same problem everytime. Hope this is easier to read, but im having a hard time explaining what happening cause im swedish
  5. fiddyalle

    Honda CR80 2001 Engine Problems

    Do anyone now why my engine is seized after spliting the crankcase. Its works fine when the left crankcase is open but when i tightning it, the gearbox (i think) locks... Also i wonder if anyone now where that washer goes? If someone has an exploaded view it would help me alot. Please!
  6. Hello, My honda engine wont turn around when i mount it back after spliting the engine case. Why? This whaser might be the problem. Where should it be? http://gyazo.com/49f5fe013da3536fcab23026a6750140 I would really like to get this engine back up and running. Thanks! Sorry for my short text. Im bad at english..