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    1995 rm125 questions

    On my '93 Rm I just brought the whole cylinder and piston, handed it over to the mechanic and he took care of the rest. Turns out my cylinder's already been oversized and replated. So my piston is a 55mm, and no issues whatsoever, I don't personally have any interest for going any biger than that. It's important to get the measurements right cause the piston I pulled out, and I still have it in a drawer, was a stock 54mm.... A full 1mm undersize! And I swear to god the bike ran alright, so who would have known?
  2. RM_Oli

    1998 rm125

    Huge power increase over the xr! I can't speak for the suspension as I bought mine with pro circuit all around, but as for power.... My best advice is learn how to jat carb, I tailored mine to suit my needs and actually smoothed out the power band a bit. Otherwise, that kick in the high RPM isn't always predictable and that lagging low end can piss you off a bit. But hey, it's a 125. I still love it.