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  1. RMJared

    KTM mx250 found

    Hey guys, I recently came across an old ktm 2 stoke. It was abandonned behind my moms work, reported to the police and they didnt care about it so it is up for grabs and I have first crack at it. I went to see it today and ran a serial number, its a 1982 ktm mx250, seems to be about 95% there, the kickstart lever is missing, and the shaft is in bad shape. Other than that it seems to have compression, and isnt in horrible condition. Do you guys think its worth fixing? Ive done some looking around online and it seems to be pretty rare, in the sense that parts will be hard to find. I know my way around a 2 stroke, im just wondering if its even worth fixing that starter shaft and whatever else it will need once I dive into it. Any info would be great, thanks!
  2. RMJared

    Top End help

    Just be careful putting them on, you don't want to snap one. Line up the open ends of the rings with the pins inside the ring grooves, when you're ready compress them and put them back into the cylinder, and make sure they dont turn off of the pins
  3. RMJared

    Top End help

    Before you begin I would go buy a manual if you have never done a top end before, it will pay for itself in one rebuild, and its great to know all the torque specs. Other than that just be take your time tearing it down, keep things clean and neat, take your cylinder to a bike shop for inspection if you dont know what to look for. Also check your crank bearing for play while you have it apart. Check how your piston is wearing, and clean all your gasket surfaces before re-assembling
  4. RMJared

    Torque specs on cylinder head bolts?

    Cant remember for sure but its around 25 ft-lbs, check the stickies at the top of the forum
  5. I have a 2001 rm 250 with a rad valve and pro circuit platinum pipe, I have a 165 main jet and ride at sea level, its almost running perfectly but there is a midrange bog just before it hits the powerband, should I try to go up or down a jet size or does 165 sound correct for the set up? just looking to eliminate the midrange bog, any suggestions?
  6. RMJared

    1999 rm 250 idle issue

    Have you tried re-routing the cable? I would start there even if it looks like there is enough slack. If that doesnt fix it maybe something was jarred loose in the carb when you dumped the bike, disassemble it and inspect.
  7. RMJared

    2001 RM250 rebuild pics

    Hey guys, Brand new to the forum, Ive been on here a lot lately for info and just wanted to say what great place this is for specs, the stickys are awesome. Anyways just wanted to share my 250, I found a guy online who wanted a crf70 for his kids, and I happened to have one I wasnt using, so I ended up giving him the crf 70 and 1400 bucks for his 2001 rm250, I value that as paying around 2400 for the bike which is a decent price around here. The bike had great bones but was in need of refreshment, the tires, brakes, suspension and frame are all in good shape, but the overall look of the bike didnt do it for me so I decided to to a top end rebuild just to be safe, and a cosmetic overhaul Here is the bike the day I got it, I rode it a few times and decided to begin. Tore it all down, everything looked good inside, no bad play in the connecting rod and the piston was wearing as it should so we had the cyclinder honed, I know some people say not to, but I have always done this in the past and had good results, and the local bike shop said it was a good idea to do it. Cleaning gasket surfaces is such a tedious task but its a very important one so dont skip out on it! The bike had a Rad valve on it when I bought it ^ , since Ive never ridden the bike without one I cant offer a comparison, but I will say this bike feels faster/more aggressive on the powerband than my yz250 did before I sold it Re-assembling And the finished (for now) product. I did this refresher on a bit of a budget as I dont have a lot of time to ride right now, but was overall very pleased with the outcome. I got a wiesco kit from ebay for 160, the graphics were 60, new number plates were 35 for the pair, and a bar pad and some grip donuts for 20 bucks, I still plan on putting a full exhaust on it, havent decided yet on the finish, either the chrome look or the oem black pipe. The bike also needs new bars as im pretty sure these are stock bars, and maybe black rims If I can find a good deal on a set. Il be on the forum full time now that I have a bike again, been out of the game for a while. Here are a few more pics of the bike
  8. RMJared

    2001 RM250 Bore?

    Hey guys, Brand new to the forum. I just picked up a nice, really tight 2001 rm250 today, im going to to a top end rebuild on it because I always do when I get a new 2 smoke, Ive had a few bikes before and I know that when I Rebuilt my Yz250, there were different cyclinder sizes, A B C or D, just wondering if there is something similiar with the RMs? Im going to be ordering a bunch of parts for it shortly and want to make sure I get the right size. Any help would be appreciated