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  1. So I'm in need of a crank for a 2001 ktm 200 mxc, however I can't find anywhere that makes a crank for it. I looked on wiseco's website and it said they do not make one for this model along with pro x. So I was wondering if a different year would work? The only years I can find a crank shaft for a 200 are 2007-2014. Would those work? 125 cranks don't work.
  2. is there a way you could send me a picture of how you have it wired?
  3. That is true. I got one of those for my bike, but when I started it, it worked for a second, then my light blew out.
  4. no it doesn't
  5. I don't believe so
  6. Hello, I have a 2001 ktm 200 and I am trying to hook up an led pod for a light. I hooked the positive and negative wires from the led to the existing wires from the stock lights. The problem I am having is the light won't stay on. It will turn on for a split second when I first start the bike, but it doesn't stay on. I have a higher output stator on the bike as well. Is there a way I can make the led work?
  7. alright I will try these. Thanks. For the info
  8. no
  9. I just cleaned out all the jets 5 minutes ago, and it didn't do a thing. I also put fresh fuel in there.
  10. . New rings piston, redone cylinder, crankshaft and bearings, and shift drum
  11. I just finished rebuilding my rmz250 and it starts up and runs great, but it will only idle with the choke on, as soon as I turn it off it dies unless I keep raving it up. I've thoroughly cleaned the carb and jets, made sure the clamps where tight holding the carb to the cylinder and air box, I've messed around with the air screw and idle. Nothing seemed to fix the issue. Do I need a bigger pilot jet? Or something else?
  12. So I finally got it started. Turns out when I put the flywheel back on, the key wasn't lined up, so the timing was way off. Once I fixed it, the bike started first kick
  13. it was down for about a week
  14. alright so I completely disassembled the carb and cleaned every thing, all the jets and the little holes going through out it. Still nothing. I tried bump starting it and it didn't fire over. yes I have completely disassembled the carb and cleaned every thing
  15. So I cleaned all the connectors, took my kill switch apart and cleaned that up and made sure it was working right, I got a higher heat plug, which put out a good blue spark, drained all the gas out of the cylinder, and It still won't start. So I'm really not sure what I could possibly be.