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  1. coachgeo

    Electric Start XT550 w/drill?

    Will do my best to have same results minus oil siv
  2. coachgeo

    Electric Start XT550 w/drill?

    Lets be real; with "normal" maintenance that is still a lot of IFF for thumper bikes several decades plus old. Granted if you got time funds and were for all to do meticulous maintenance they yeah anything will start first/second kick. Much love and respect to all that are that way.
  3. coachgeo

    Electric Start XT550 w/drill?

    Nah, that is NOT portable like a drill you can throw in a saddle bag for when you need it. Rolling start tread mill would be more like a big tool box you'lde have to mount on a bike trailer and tow around behind the bike .With Rolling start in mind..... how do you do that on an XT550 with its wet clutch clutch design that does have drag? There is a hell a lot of resistance rolling with clutch in and in gear. I tried it on a very steep grade and no way I could pick up speed. Do you roll it out of Gear and then try to pop it into gear after rollling? What gear is best?
  4. coachgeo

    Electric Start XT550 w/drill?

    Thank's you two. Makes me wonder if some remachined/designed mechanisms here could allow for modifing for an electric start this way. Not in my brain power to devise this... but someone elseeee hmmmmmm.
  5. yeah I know.... "learn the trick to kick starting" And I slowly am. Problem is when I HAVE to get going and move on down the road due to time constrants. Since this is also a commuter bike. So dumb (maybe) question. If kick start arm was removed and: 1. A modified kick start (arm removed) and socket welded to the remains. 2. A kick start lever with a socket end welded to it that fits into the socket above. Used for kick staring 3. A Portable DRILL with socket on it that fits number 1 for electric starting. It appears the kick start ratchets allowing for not having the kick start tear your leg off after engine starts. Question is does the internals allow for the kick start shaft to rotate full circle....... many times... such as when a drill is spinning it to start the engine? Part of me assumes this won't work or others certainly would be doing it now..... but what the hell; one should never assume. Thus my question here is a pic of mechanism according to ebay ad I pulled it from
  6. coachgeo

    New to me XT550.. idle adjust?

    Mucho thanx. Now know the where part of the orginal question of: original question: So do I (continue to) use little choke (hate to run it at not optimal fuel mix though) or turn up the idle a tad? If turn up idle... where? Not famiure with bike yet. See first post for more details
  7. coachgeo

    New to me XT550.. idle adjust?

    grrrr..... hate when EDIT feature is removed based on some time stamp. Anyway...... just want to correct a statement in the first post.I do actually "have" a tach. Just the needle came off its post so it does not read anything.
  8. coachgeo

    New to me XT550.. idle adjust?

    hmmm...... busy board I see lol.
  9. coachgeo

    yamaha xt odometer reset fix

    maybe Im dense but I cant make heads our tails out of your fix report here. Did you glue a knob onto the post as a fix or not? You mention a left hand thread then talk about it bottoming out so Im not sure your saying if the bottoming out "pushed" something inside that reset the meter or what. Thus confused if you reset this by turning the post or by pushing something at the base of the post.
  10. bike runs GREAT.. well sorta lol. Am commuting with it offf and on. Hope to eventually find some off road spots I can head to. (Im in Middletown OH) Anyway the commute is short and does not warm up bike fully. This may be why in this warm weather w/no choke neccissary to start the bike; when drops to idle (like while breaking or rolling to a stop) the bike dies. Idle is pretty low. No tach so do not know how low. So do I use little choke (hate to run it at not optimal fuel mix though) or turn up the idle a tad. If turn up idle... where? Not famiure with bike yet. PS- Other bike is in build mode by a gear head friend. It is 1997 Trimuph Tiger . Well actually it will end up a Tribota Tiger when done. Bota as in Kubota. Putting a 3cyl diesel into it. Might even shaft drive it. Eventually turbo also. Search youtube for Diesel Tiger for some samples. Also Track Diesel