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    dr 250 carb problem

    Hey everyone I am new to the site and have a 1994 dr250ser dual sport that typically is a great all around bike. Recently I have began having problems with it stumbling and stalling after being ridden for more than 15 mins or if running wide open for a long stretch. When it stalls if u let it sit for say 5 minutes it will crank right up and run fine for just a short stretch then the problem will reoccur. The carb is clean air filter is clean and the float seems to be at the correct height could it be a venting issue if so what is a good solution? My only mods are a k&n high flow filter with opened air box, dynojet stage 3 jet kit, and a pro circuit t-4 full exhaust system. Someone with legit knowledge of the drs help me please i am stumped and everyone I have asked doesn't have any advise that i haven't already thought of. Good advice will be much appreciated.