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    1987 XR600 Street Project

    I agree, but that's the whole point, for it to look good, not needed, but kind of like a big chest on a stripper, not needed, but allot more fun to look at! I ended up getting the CBR front end that is not the USD forks, and the rear is not a single sided swingarm, but I don't plan on haveing $30K in this either, I'll start thisweekend and will post pics as it comes along.
  2. stickerdick

    1987 XR600 Street Project

    True That... but I plan on using this as a guide only, I'm already planning a rear fender treatment, because my behind is much larger than the young lady that bike was built for!
  3. stickerdick

    1987 XR600 Street Project

    I'm new to this forum, but I have been doing ALL kinds of Motor Vehicle Projects for over 40 years. I am just now finishing a 5 year run of playing with vintage VW's and I am going to be getting back into HotRods in the next few months, so in the mean-time, I have decided to build a Low Cost street bike project out of a XR600. I have been cruisin through the blogs and I kinda like these Street Trackers, but I also like the cafe racers in some ways and I like Bobbers / Rat bikes. So I am not sure which way to go, but I do like the KT 600 bike I saw on some blogs and I think I'm going to go in that direction with a few of my own custom touches. I have just purchased a 1987 XR600 that is running and driving and today I bought two older street bikes, a 1989 CBR and a 1997 CBR Hondas. One has a title and runs, the other is a basket case, but between the two, I should be able to get pretty close to what I want. now I just have to read a few more of the postds on this forum to figure out the ins and outs on how to adapt the front and rear suspienasions to the XR and away I go? Right?