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  1. TMD is a excellent choice. I have it on my 17 300xc. There's a drain hole on the bottom for easy oil changes. Also the power valve is accessible and can swap springs without removing skid plate.
  2. I have a 300xc. This bolt looks like the bolt that holds the top part of the rear shock to the frame. I'm guessing the xcw is the same up top at least.
  3. I've seen this before. Check your rear shock mounts.
  4. Crf250 said it well. Also, a bearing puller tool Will help a ton. Very important to make sure Everything is clean before installing new bearings.
  5. I put the RK tech on my 2017 300xc. Its thee best upgrades for a 2T. My 300 has more power everywhere, even the top end stretched out. Also gave it more torque that feels like a 4t but without the engine braking. I would highly recommend this to anyone racing or someone just wanting more power. I swapped out the red spring for the yellow and turned out the spring so it's flush. Best set up for traction and throttle control. Red spring made the traction break too easily. ­čĹŹ
  6. P3 is my choice. Lighter than aluminum and you won't have rust issues.
  7. I haven't found a free download here either. Best best would be to contact the nearest ktm and purchase the manual on a CD. Its only 10-15$ and you have a hard copy. Good luck!
  8. I agree with demi. Go with the xc. You might consider newer...2011-14. That's a night vs day difference from an 07.
  9. I tried the fmf snap and had disappointing results. No noticable power gain and it certainly wasn't worth $100.
  10. Go to the OEM section at rmatv. They should have them available.
  11. Personally I feel these things are junk. Not surprised it doesn't fit. I would be hesitant using one in fear of getting h20 in the carb. I place a "slightly" damp paper towel in the opening, folded in a square shape. This will catch any accidental debris from entering the boot. Just my .02
  12. I change my oil after 0.008 hrs. I change my air filter every time I look at it. My exhaust fluid is changed and flushed after 1.4 hrs. [emoji6] Really, 6-10hrs for oil changes depending on how hard you rode and the conditions. Its different for each rider. There's no magic universal hour for oil changes.
  13. most mix ratios in the owners book are at sea level. my sons bike says 32:1 but we live here in CO and I run all our bikes at 50:1.
  14. hi there. I ride every weekend at least once. this weekend looks too cold but next should be fine. Pm me and we can get something planned soon.
  15. Hey redrider. Just curious...how did your stock reeds look when you took it off?