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  1. Hey there. Just bought my first street-able bike, a nice 1985 yamaha xt350. Its got a fresh top end rebuild from the previous owner and it reads 12 000 miles on it. starts up alright (My starting method is to turn the engine over about 5 times fairly slow, just to get the carb filled, then give her a big kick and she runs and idles fine). Only things that I've done to it so far is change the oil (not filter yet and I used 10W 40), because I'm still breaking in the new rings, I added the stock air scoops to keep it cool and a few other cosmetic parts. One thing that worried me a bit is that when I topped off the oil and took it for a boot, I noticed it was pissing oil from the head of the engine, so I took the head off and found that one of the head bolts was stripped (the female end), so I did my best and put some thread lock and silicone around the troubled bolt and sealed it back up. Head gasket isn't perfectly aligned yet, which I will be fixing tomorrow hopefully, then taking it for a test run just to be sure. I want to be keeping my bike working for a while to come.. any suggestions? I've heard as long as there is fresh oil in them, they'll run forever, but I just want to get a feel of what to look out for. Also, i want to gear it more for highway use, thinking a 47 tooth rear as opposed to the 55 stock.. and suggestions? As for cooling, they seem alright, as long as they're moving and full of oil, so I'm not too worried about that. one major thing that I noticed was that in the parts bin that the previous owner gave me, the old engine block that he gave me had a broken oil pump gear, which worries me. I'm guessing that's why he had to rebuild the last engine... anybody ever tried putting an oil pressure gauge on them? I figure replacing the oil filter bleed screw on top would give me a good reading. Basically: Any problems with what I've done? How do you keep it running for a while to come? Sprocket ratios for highway use? Cooling issues? Oil pressure gauge? and what should ideal pressure be? Any other tips, mods or stories are welcome too. Thanks!