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  1. I have this kr250 tandam twin rotery valve engine that I might want to cram into a dirt bike frame and thort a 2into 1 pipe would save space also of a turbo
  2. Can you shead any light on 2 into 1 expantion chambers with turbos and how the Y pipe lenth/size efects the overall power or does boost just compensate for all the top end power and the pipe is just for bottom end power
  3. i read somewhere that on a 2t the boost presure is mesherd between the cilender and the turbo because of the presure loss out the exhourst port I think the fuel blown out the pipe would onley help spool the turbo its like anilag. eveything we no about how a expantion chamber works would sugest turbos wouldent work but they do and realy well
  4. yes its difernt but yes its my hobby building things that most people would say (why do that)i am a welder by trade and like a chalange I guess here is a pic of things that I build when I get board lol
  5. Cheers for that info mate there is lots of vids of them but no real tec info
  6. the kr250/kr1 is a 1984 and I was thinking dirt bike I have a wr426 motard already
  7. hare is a rd/yz I found
  8. Dude if you can fit that engine in that little bike I can fit a 250cc watercooled twinn in a dirt bike for sure
  9. I think I have that part sorted the carbs are on the side of the engine(its rotery valve)so I will need to make a air box under the fuel tank but that means I can remove the old air box and run the rear pipe threw that space sorta like this ossa
  10. Hi guys I dont have a sled I live in australia so not enough snow.i see a lot of sleds with turbo 2 strokes I have seen kits by boondocker I have turbocharged cars and 4 stroke bikes and have a understanding of how they work and the fueling changes involved but have never attempted a 2 stroke my questions are firstly are sleds reed valve induction or rotery valve. secondly what changes are made to the epanchion chamber besides adding a flange to mount the turbo and are changes made to port timeing etc. hope somebody here can shed some light on the subject.
  11. Here is a pic of the bike it came from
  12. I have allways wanted to put a two stroke twinn into a dirt bike frame antil this week I couldent find one that would fit or I couldent one in the country but I have just found a kawasaki kr250 tandum twinn on ebay it needs a rebuild but it runs so I brought it so while its on its way in the post I am looking for a bike to graft it into
  13. Thats funny I am putting together a kr250 two stroke twin in a dirt bike frame just for something differnt
  14. Hey just wanted to no are you still useing the stock kehine carby
  15. Changed filter location